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Fit Recovery – On Growing Old(er)


Fit Recovery

When my dad was my age (44), I was 17. Things were a lot less happy than I knew but I lived in a nice little cocoon of awesomeness that my parents spun around me.

My dad was relatively healthy back then, except for the fact that he still smoked like a chimney (2 packs a day, sometimes 3 – I quit more than twelve years ago now, I think). My dad was fairly active (if active is considered getting in and out of a golf cart), more than average and in spite of his numerous imperfections, did a great job of raising me. My mom played a bigger, better role in my upbringing but in the end, my pops taught me to be a man (my mom taught me how to properly treat a woman – something my dad didn’t do so well).

As I watch friends and family…

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  1. How do you set up the email settings so that the reader gets the start of the story and then has to click through to read more?


  2. The fact that people read my posts in their email really hurts my traffic ratings/statistics. I might attract advertisers if 1000 people a day were showing up in my analytics rather than 150-300. I’m up over 1000 followers and want to keep growing but it would be helpful to figure that out. I’m going to look closer at it today.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I haven’t really paid too much attention to it, but you’ve got a good point… I dug through, quite diligently, my iPhone app but couldn’t find anything but I’ll keep looking – there has to be something in the settings somewhere that does what you need.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I found it! I think… Go to “My Blogs” under Dashboard. To the right, disable “Post by Email”…

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