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Prepping for DALMAC – Two Months In…  And an Anniversary Ride.

I’ve got a great year shaping up with plenty of fun in the works but it’s all geared toward completing DALMAC at a 20 mph average:  400 miles in 20 hours over 4 days.  I’m throwing in some cool new single day rides as well this year…  The Horsey Hundred in Kentucky and Mountain Mayhem: Beat the Heat ride in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, along with many of my usual favorites like the Assenmacher 100, my speed test for the year.

The tough part of DALMAC is not the distance.  A hundred miles in five hours isn’t all that big a deal.  The trick is stacking four of those in a row.

Over the last three years, after a big weekend ride I would typically ride a much slower and shorter recovery ride on the second day.  A 70 miler on Saturday?  That would call for a 20 mile ride at somewhere between 17 & 18 mph.  Pretty simple really but that won’t do for getting ready for a consecutive day ride at speed.  This year, both weekend days are long ride days.  65 yesterday and we did 57 today, with my wife and the gang.  Tomorrow will be a slow ride followed by the club ride hammer-fest on Tuesday.

I can’t tell you how fired up I am that my wife is putting so much effort into cycling…  Today is our 18th Wedding Anniversary and much of the group met at our usual haunt for a fantastic ride.  It was a little cloudy and very windy but I gave my wife some hiding tips on the ride out to the meeting spot (which pace line to be in, etc.).  

The pace was pretty mundane starting out, 19-20 mph which was great on my legs after yesterday.  For our last group ride I stayed with her almost the entire time but with uneven lines, she asked if I wanted to head up to fill in…  So I did.  I took a bunch of turns up front and enjoyed the great pace.  After ten miles or so, some of the horses started getting a little squirrelly and ramped it up to 23-24 and I started getting nervous that my wife would struggle.  When I got to the front, I took it back down to 22 and we stayed there for a while.  After my pull, I was sure that Mrs. Bgddy was going to be struggling or off the back but she was right there, talking with one of my friends.

She managed to hammer out 22 miles (!) with the main group and rather than dropping early, she held on till just before the main group was heading a different way for longer miles… It was a perfect ride on a perfect day with my friends and the woman I love.  Doesn’t get any better than that…


Except it will get better because we’re taking the kids out to dinner at our favorite restaurant…  And I’ve got 122 miles worth of calories to make up for!  Woohoo!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!