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Shape Shifting

A fantastic post about strategic positioning on a bike. Excellent explanations.

Secondrate Cyclist

I enjoy it. Who among us hasn’t enjoyed transforming into a deer, running through the woods or feeding in a grassy meadow? What about a dog, like Sirius Black in Harry Potter, running with a pack all night long? And of course there is nothing like being an eagle and drifting on the wind currents a thousand feet in the air. Having the ability to change shape is very important in cycling.

Now that I have many wondering if I am on drugs, I must cut to the chase to save myself. I just finished a lengthy ride alone. The ride was over ever changing terrain, pan flat at some points and good climbs in others, all the while being buffeted by winds in different directions. Changing my position on the bike happens multiple times during the course of a trek across the surrounding counties. Half way through this ride…

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