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Read more about the Vision Zero initiative linked in the story. Very cool.

A Promise to Dad

London and Toronto have a fascinating idea!

Die-In at City Hall

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  1. MJ Ray says:

    The actual die in tactic is rather controversial. People don’t line linking cycling with death, but it does get coverage and embarrass the politicians about these NEEDLESS deaths.

    Vision Zero is a good idea, as is Sustainable Safety.

    By the way, did you see the new Venge on velonews?

    • MJ Ray says:

      Like, not line. Flaming autocorrect.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I agree with you, entirely.

      And yes, I have seen the new Venge on GCN and Bike Radar. It is AWESOME and my local shop owner said that he will need a signed letter from my wife that it’s okay before he orders one for me. It may also be wiser, methinks, to wait until ’17 to pick up the second year model so they can work the kinks out…the bike is amazing though. Don’t know whether I like the brake placement or the completely hidden cables more. Certainly a nightmare for mechanics, but that’s what they make bike mechanics for.

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