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Fit Recovery’s Perfect Father’s Day(s)


A perfect Saturday morning, cool but clear and sunny.

Wake up at 5 am, fall back asleep after writing a post.  Wake up at 8 and have some cereal for breakfast.

30 mile time trial at 11 am.

Stop by the bike shop to say hi to the guys.

Four slow, painful miles toward home, maybe 17-18 mph.  See the wife and kids cross the road on their bikes half a mile up.  Kick back into TT mode and catch up, my wife had turned to let me catch up.  Ride another eight slow miles with them.

Have a hotdog lunch with my wife and girls.

Shower and a nap at 3.

Head out for putt-putt and ice cream.  

Head out to dinner at Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers (Yes, they’re freakin’ unbelievable).

Come home, play badminton with my wife and oldest daughter (the youngest is staying at a friend’s house overnight).

Watch the Tigers.  

Sleep.  Hard.

Today we’re taking our oldest to band camp before heading over to Midland to ride the Pere-Marquette rail trail from Midland to Clare and back.  60 more miles (I need at least 47 to make another 200 mile week).

Head home, we’ll have a nice dinner and I’ll fall asleep missing my daughter.  Man, she’s getting big in a hurry.

We started training on Saturday, without my daughter knowing it, for her first Aqua Bike next year.  My wife was riding slower, with our youngest and her friend around a nice little half-mile oval loop in an affluent neighborhood near our home.  Traffic is always light there and the people out tending to their yards are exceptionally friendly and gracious towards cyclists, so it’s safe to stretch our legs a bit.  We had a bit of a lead so I asked my girl if she wanted to try to lap her mom and sister before they came around again.  She was all over that and we jumped on the pedals hitting and maintaining speeds between 16 & 20 mph.  After my hard 30 it hurt but I muscled it out and we did complete the lap.

Then we did it again, this time two complete circuits to their one.  I was fried.  Toast.  Hungry and absolutely, positively done.  

We limped home from there while my wife put in a few more miles.  

I have no idea how today will turn out with a slight chance (5-10%) of rain but it’s already been a fantastic Father’s Day weekend, and a nice 100k with my wife will be just about over the top.

To all of the dads our there, Happy Us Day.


  1. CultFit says:

    Happy Father’s Day mate! Hope you and your family are having an awesome day!

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