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Fit Recovery’s Perfect Father’s Day… Day TWO!

This is the follow-up to Sunday’s post

Sadly, this weekend did have one bummer.  We had to drop our oldest daughter off at band camp yesterday, for the week.  Truth be told, it messed me up a lot more than I thought it would.  My daughter Bella is just fun to be around and I’m going to miss her a lot.

However, once the bummer that dropping my daughter off was over, the fun started.  We headed down to Midland, unpacked the bikes, aired up the tires, donned our cycling gear and hit the Pere-Marquette Rail Trail for my Father’s Day 60 miler.  The Pere Marquette trail, without a doubt, is the nicest trail I’ve ever ridden.  No worries of traffic (except at crossings of course, and they must all be stopped at because many of them are quite blind till you get to the road).


Cycling: It does a body good

The trail is 30 miles east to west, into Clare, Michigan.  It can be picked up again, just outside of Clare and stretches all the way out to the west coast of the State, but I’d have to say that my favorite part is the Midland to Clare section.  It’s just far enough out to feel secluded but you’re never really that far away from something.  The fun part is that with the prevailing westerly wind, if you start out early enough you can head into a breeze but as the day wears on, the wind builds and you end up being pushed home by a decent wind.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to start out early enough but it still wasn’t that big a deal.


We hit the 30 mile turnaround point with an easy 16 mph average and the goal was to hammer it home around 20…

IMG_7901 IMG_7902

I think I may have to declare aero bars to be cheating very soon.  What the heck was I thinking getting her that bike?

So we wrapped up our 60 mile ride with a 17 mph average, packed up the car and headed out to dinner at our favorite “We don’t have the kids so we can eat spicy food” restaurant, Qdoba.  It would have been horrendous, how much I ate, if I hadn’t just ridden so far.  After dinner, we headed home, showered and watched some TV.  I don’t remember anything after my younger daughter was dropped off from staying at her friend’s house.  I slept well.

In the end, it was a perfect cap to a great week.  213 miles, total for the week, giving me 623 miles for the month…  With nine days left in the month, I shouldn’t have any problem hitting 800 again.

I’m a Blessed man.  My wife and daughters didn’t give me a great Father’s Day, they gave me a great Father’s Day weekend.