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Did you say “Gluten Free Hair Care Products”?  Since When Did People Start Eating Their Shampoo? Gluten-free Jumps the Shark

Look, I get it, but this whole vegan/gluten-free thing is getting out of hand.

I read a post last night that turned out to be an advertisement for “the Morrocco Method gluten-free, vegan and paleo friendly shampoo.  Of course, they recommend you alternate between each of their five shampoos and two conditioners for best results…  So I’ll cut right to the chase, because I think it’s absolutely deliciously funny how gullible many in the food-snob crowd can be – and how easily those people are separated from their money…  The shampoo set, five standard-sized 12 oz bottles of shampoo (a can of Coke is 12 oz):  $130.  The conditioner set:  $110.  Two Hundred and Forty f@ckin’ Dollars for shampoo and conditioner.  Oh, I’m sorry.  Gluten-free shampoo and conditioner.  The hair and scalp “recovery package”?  $280!  To break this down further, they sell each 12 oz bottle of shampoo separately for $35 each!

Sorry man, but gluten-free just jumped the shark and if you’re that gullible, well you deserve to spend a quarter of a thousand bucks on shampoo and conditioner.

Now, I know there’s gotta be someone out there who reads this post and is tempted to comment along these lines:  “Oh, but the Morrocco shampoo is the best thing ever…”  I promise, I’ll respond nicely to your comment, but I’ll be laughing at you as I type my reply.  Out loud.  Laughing.  At you.

Unless you actually have been diagnosed with Celiac’s.  Then you get a pass, but only if you regularly ingest the shampoo and conditioner, which can’t be good for you.  So don’t do it.  Really.  It would give new meaning to colon-cleansing though.  Chuckle.  

Oh crap!  Literally.