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Fat Tire Time!  Man I Love that Bike.


That’s right folks, the road bikes are sitting it out for a couple of days.  Traded for some good old-fashioned mountain biking.

Nothing spectacular, some outrageous hills, 32 mph descents, and some fun time looking for ways to get my bike dirty rather than for conditions that are appropriate to keep the Venge clean.  It’s big gears, fat tires, slippy gravel and sand, dust and grit.

I obviously prefer the refinement of road cycling.  The high speeds, the ultra-light bike, the comfortable kit and the itty bitty tires.  There’s just something about road cycling that makes me want to get after it.  Much more than with mountain biking.

I decided early yesterday morning to finally do something about the reach on “Revenge”.  The stem was just too short and that messed with my shoulders and made my hands go numb after as few as five miles.  I went to the shed to look for an old stem and found one that would work with my skinny handlebar and would give me some reach.

Once I put the new stem on, it was a completely different ride.  I’m closer to evenly balanced and stretched out a bit more so I can breathe.

Today is a happy day for us as well.  Our daughter is coming home from camp today.  We’ve missed her quite a bit.

As for “what’s up”, I think I’ll keep it simple and leave it at that…  And go enjoy my day.  Peace, and lots of miles, Jim.



  1. tischcaylor says:

    Looks like fun times — have a good one!

  2. Watch it. You ride single track, you’ll never want to go back to road. Take it from someone who knows.

    By the way, I had some real fun on single track not too far from you two years ago. Trying to remember the name of the place I rode, but it was about 45 minutes from South Haven.

    Single track riding has been almost impossible here the whole month of June. Too much freaking rain to allow the trails to be rideable.

    I am going to be in South Haven on July 17-19. Might be able to come your way….

    • bgddyjim says:

      I can make that time work but it’s not a small hike getting over this way (I’m over by Flint)…but if you’ve got the time, I’m absolutely open to it. Whether we ride or just meet part-way to grab some dinner, it’d be a good time.

  3. exmaschine says:

    Awesome buddy! I try to get out on my mtb twice a month…mix it up, get a different ‘feel’ It’s good to switch up now and then. Keeps the bike handling skills sharp, also makes me look forward to riding on the road a day or two right after mtb’ing. I like being on the trails, it’s quiet and calm- relaxed. The folks are so laid back too! Unlike most uptight roadies!

    EVERYONE on the trail waves and waves back…try getting a wave from the budding Cat 4 douche out for his “Training” ride! LMAO! In his matching kit…too cool for school! 😀 I love my road bike and riding on the roads, like you pointed out. The swooping descents, the rhythm of the road the lightness, etc.

    But I’m becoming more of an Anti-Roadie as the days pass. Seems there are more and more douchebags on road bikes than ever. Maybe it’s just me…getting old and cranky. But the MTB crowd are so friendly and easy going it makes me wonder if it’s the bike or the rider! Do most cyclists turn into raging assholes when they mount the road bike? lol. IDK…

    Anyway, glad you you’re enjoying both the road the dirt Jim!
    Keep the wheels rolling buddy….


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