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It’s A Sad Day in My World of Cycling… The Trek Madone 9.9 is Unveiled, Just After the Venge ViaS


For two years now I’ve had the ultimate race bike.  Pared down of course, I couldn’t afford a freakin’ $8,000 race bike at the time…  I could, however, afford a $3,000 race bike with a few new bells and whistles.  My 2013 Venge Comp (with Aerofly Handlebar):

My bad@$$ bike...

My bad@$$ bike…

Ah, to be in the upper crust of cycling’s evolution…  Life was good.  Then came 2015 and news of the new Venge ViaS.  All of my friends, of course, asked how long it would be before they’d see one on Tuesday night:
New Venge Pro Vias

Now granted, that’s a pretty sharp lookin’ bike.  I want one!  I just don’t want the divorce that comes with it, so I’ll try to make a little more money over the next year and see if I can’t bonus my way into one.  Stranger things have happened (like my Venge).

But we’re not done!  Lo and behold, Trek just came out with an ultra-fine new Madone that hides the brake and shifter cables as well!  Behold the Madone 9.9:

New Madone

Now THAT’S a BIKE!  And I could get my hands on the Ultegra model (the 9.5) for almost two grand less than the Venge!

Alas, it’s still a sad day.  I was at the top of the cycling world, ladies and gentlemen, for exactly one year and three months.

Now if you’ll forgive me…  I need a minute, I think I’m getting misty.

*This post is tongue in cheek of course.  Please don’t think that I’m seriously bemoaning the fact that I can’t have the newest bike.  I’ll live.  Besides, it’s all about the engine anyway.


  1. Sandra says:

    Ha! I almost posted about the new Trek today.

  2. bribikes says:

    That Trek is gorgeous! But it makes me wonder, how do people actually ride it? Can anyone ever get over how beautiful it is to stop staring at it long enough to take it for a spin?

  3. I’m not upgrading from my Serotta until there is a titanium Venge.

  4. I can’t wait to blast past one up a certain local climb popular with the rich posers (there’s a cafe at the top).

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh, come now. Certainly you know aero bikes are heavier than your average high-end bike. Mine is 17.4 pounds with pedals and cages! The equivalent Tarmac weighs a pound less. Point is, they may be poseurs, but a decent climber on a 15 pound bike (uci legal) would be at a huge advantage. With either of those bikes, on the flat or especially descending, with the same effort, those poseurs would smoke you. 😜

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