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Today is a Good Day to Ride.

Don’t confuse the title with the oft cited battle-cry.  I’ll take my friend, Grateful Jim’s high road in that one…  

People like to talk tough about death until the bus shows up.  

46 Miles, a little more than 2-1/2 hours.  Slow by normal standards, but fun.  We started out at just after 7 am.  Mrs. Bgddy, Mike and I.  A few miles up the road we picked up Brad.  Freshly back from surgery, our goal was to protect him and get him as many protected miles as we can give him so he can get his legs back.  We knew we were going to be slow going in.  Mike took the first turn up front and I took the second.  More than ten miles had gone by between the two of us before I dropped to the third bike position.  Brad only took one turn the whole trip.

I have no photos of the ride but I don’t need any.  It was absolutely spectacular out.  The trees providing a full canopy over several miles of our trip, a minimal 5-10 mph wind, breaking clouds turned to sunshine and it warmed from a cool 60 to 70.  We laughed and talked almost the entire ride.  My wife made fun of mine and Mike’s friendship by calling it a “bromance” and pointing out on several occasions throughout their conversations how much we are alike.  It is funny actually, he is definitely my brother from another mother.  Every now and again Mrs. Bgddy would engage the slingshot and fly by Mike and I as we talked, catching us completely unaware.  

Then after Brad turned for home, with about five miles left, Mike and I conspired to pay her back.  After a stop sign, we kept to the easy 18 mph pace and then…  BAM!  We both got down in the drops at the same time and Mike took it to 22.  Now.  He pulled for 3/4’s of a mile and I took over and upped the ante.  23, and dabbling with 24.  I pulled for a mile and Mike came up so my wife wouldn’t have to mess with a gap (we’re not heartless).  We shook her off the back less than a quarter mile later and sat up to let her catch up…  As she came up I laughed and said, “Payback what?”  The last couple of miles I didn’t say much, just let my wife and Mike talk, a smile stretched across my face…

I’ve never been on a bad bike ride but that was one of the more enjoyable.  In fact, Tuesday’s was stellar as well.  The amount of satisfaction I get out of spending that time with my wife and friends just riding bikes has me has me thinking about how blessed I am (I’m okay if you call that “lucky” in lieu of blessed).

I’ve come a long way from gutters and liver damage, baby.

Today is a good day to ride.

Okay, one photo.