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Some Days Were Made for Bike Maintenance…

It just might be time to embrace the horror; my most awesome “consecutive days of cycling without a day off” streak just may be in jeopardy…  At 19!


This is almost a full week better than I’ve ever been able to muscle through without a decay in performance.  In fact, I’ve only gotten stronger and faster over that stretch.  Better, I had thirteen more days in a row before that so I’ve been working on one day’s rest in 33.  

My previous best was 14 days in a row and on that 14th day my performance absolutely tanked.  I went from 21 mph averages to 18 being hard work.  It was classic overtraining.  Last year I actually went with taking one day a week off, no matter what.  That worked but it’s always bugged me that the pros could ride so much faster than I do without time off.  So I set out to find a way.

Today, overtraining is not an issue.  I feel spry, good and strong – every day.  This leap is due to one thing:  Slowing down a little bit on the slow days. Put another way, I’m able to keep from too much speed on the slow days because I ride with my wife.  

I may be facing issues on that front though.  Last year, a good ride with my wife produced a 15 mph average.  Today we’re up to 17.5 (her hard days jumped from 16 to 19 mph and from 16 miles to 40).  The rule of thumb that’s worked so well is to ride slow, two or three days a week, at a pace that would have me embarrassed if my friends saw me riding that slow.  16-17 mph is that butter speed for me.

So, it’s been pouring rain with thunder and lightening since 8 this morning…  I can deal with a little bit of rain but the lightening isn’t cool.  So my streak may come to an end.  We’ll see (it’s supposed to clear up shortly).  Either way, I’m happy.  I figured out how to beat overtraining so I can enjoy an hour cruising down the road every day if I choose.  And I like it.  Now it’s time for some much needed tinkering on the rain bike.

Happy trails and tarmac.

UPDATE:  Nope!  Miracle of miracles, the sun has made an appearance.  Time for 20 days in a row!

UPDATE II:  Done, 20 days in a row.