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Oh Apple, How I Hate You. Still Can’t Connect to My WiFi… I’m Done.

I’ve tried all of the workarounds (at least the first two pages of a Google search’s worth).  Even some of the stupid one’s.  I still get the “incorrect password” for my router when I know it’s the right password and the entirety of my family is connected happily to that very router except my sister-in-law who’s having the same problems with her stupid iPad.  In fact, guess how I’m writing this post?  On my lap top that is connected through that very router.

I’m almost tempted to run my data usage up so I can, in turn, stick that bill right up my provider’s ass…  But the truth is, it’s not my cell provider’s fault Apple’s operating software sucks my butt.  And don’t give me all of this, “well if you just reset network settings” crap…  First, I have, and second I shouldn’t have to reset anything.  I just installed a freaking brand new operating system (a 1.8 gig download [!!!] that I had to restart three times because the server stopped the download more than 3/4’s of the way through).  The point is, I shouldn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make a $700 f@cking phone work.  It just should because that’s exactly what the f@ck I paid for.

See, here’s the point folks.  Most people will go to any length to make someone else’s busted up s#!++y product work, because it’s expensive and they’d rather not go to all of the trouble of taking their crappy, yet astoundingly expensive, product back to the store to have it replaced.  They’ll hang on like ticks just to avoid that confrontation.  Don’t.  They owe you a product that works as advertised.  If it doesn’t, by all means take it back.  It’s the only real way to “make ’em pay”.

This has been happening with regularity since I went from my iPhone 4 to the 6 (Gold btw).

So, I’m done with you Apple. And this post is my middle finger to you.

You suck.

Any chance of bringing Steve Jobs back from the dead?  D’you at least freeze him ‘er somethin’?