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Oh Apple, How I Hate You. Still Can’t Connect to My WiFi… I’m Done.

July 2015
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I’ve tried all of the workarounds (at least the first two pages of a Google search’s worth).  Even some of the stupid one’s.  I still get the “incorrect password” for my router when I know it’s the right password and the entirety of my family is connected happily to that very router except my sister-in-law who’s having the same problems with her stupid iPad.  In fact, guess how I’m writing this post?  On my lap top that is connected through that very router.

I’m almost tempted to run my data usage up so I can, in turn, stick that bill right up my provider’s ass…  But the truth is, it’s not my cell provider’s fault Apple’s operating software sucks my butt.  And don’t give me all of this, “well if you just reset network settings” crap…  First, I have, and second I shouldn’t have to reset anything.  I just installed a freaking brand new operating system (a 1.8 gig download [!!!] that I had to restart three times because the server stopped the download more than 3/4’s of the way through).  The point is, I shouldn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make a $700 f@cking phone work.  It just should because that’s exactly what the f@ck I paid for.

See, here’s the point folks.  Most people will go to any length to make someone else’s busted up s#!++y product work, because it’s expensive and they’d rather not go to all of the trouble of taking their crappy, yet astoundingly expensive, product back to the store to have it replaced.  They’ll hang on like ticks just to avoid that confrontation.  Don’t.  They owe you a product that works as advertised.  If it doesn’t, by all means take it back.  It’s the only real way to “make ’em pay”.

This has been happening with regularity since I went from my iPhone 4 to the 6 (Gold btw).

So, I’m done with you Apple. And this post is my middle finger to you.

You suck.

Any chance of bringing Steve Jobs back from the dead?  D’you at least freeze him ‘er somethin’?



  1. OmniRunner says:

    That sucks. I hate mysterious tech issues that come out of no where. As you probably know, your issue has something to do with that new OS.
    Time to hit the genius bar and let them figure it out.
    I had major PC problems over the weekend. PC kept freezing on me and on re-boot we had to to the CHKDSK routine. I think I’m loosing another hard drive. I need to sign up for some cloud backup pronto!

  2. Paige says:

    Feeling a bit like Ross and Rachel from Friends…
    I thought we were on a break!
    Posting again today is the opposite of a break. 😁

  3. Mark says:

    Return the phone if you can and go get a Android or Windows product. Wife was a diehard iOS user until her 4s wifi card burnt out on the updates end of last year. She got a Galaxy S4 and is happier than ever. She said she did not know why she did not switch before. Me, I love me some Windows phone because it does everything I need and costs me $40 and no contract because I did the Go phone route. When this breaks just get another one. No Contract AT&T. I got no strings. Anyway good luck buddy.

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Ugh! Pure and simple. Hard to take a relaxing break when technology makes one crazed.

  5. Chatter says:

    It is not just apple, it is all technology related gadgetry. I work in IT and the last thing I want to do is have to tinker with my phone/router/roku box whatever. i know how you feel man, I just want things to work. Good luck getting things sorted out.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks man… I’d like to sort this thing out with several 9mm projectiles. I’ll tell you that right now! Chuckle

      • Chatter says:

        Worst thing is when you work in IT and you self diagnose or work through the first 10 easy solutions. The help guy has to go through his entire script regardless. It is so frustrating. Good luck.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh, I can’t even imagine brother. IT guys were blessed with a special brand of patience.

  6. AH15 says:

    On a happy note, you will love the S6. My Droid Turbo is nice, but is a bit heavy. 230 grams (Not that I weighed it)

  7. Sheree says:

    I just hate having any sort of technology issue. Usually makes me want to through the offending item out of the window. So far I have resisted temptation. But one of these days………..

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