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Daily Archives: July 10, 2015

My slowest, most excellent week…

I only rode twelve miles a day, and at no more than a 17 mph average, for the last week.  I even took a day off just for the heck of it…

And it was flipping awesome because I was with my super flipping hot as hell wife riding in the mountains and loving it.  Even when we got in a little stupid spat that needed to happen so we could get right.  Even better, look what happens when you work the steps… It does keep getting even better and my wife is even more in love with me than when she woke up today and she’s a little teary eyed typing this.

Mrs. Bgddy.

The sun sets on another perfect day

The first paragraph is mine, the next was written by my wife and hastily edited after she accidentally hit the publish button.  Chuckle.

It’s all good.  Literally.

Man has Free Wheel

An excellent post about riding in a group…

Hurt so good.

This is what I’m talkin’ about! That’s some guts right there…