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Just another beautiful sunset…

It’s as good as it gets, for today.

Overcoming a major life limitation, alcoholism in my case, comes with an excellent benefit.  Having recovered, come back from the depths of despair to join the human race once again, I have taken advantage of being able to see life in a wonderful perspective.

It’s definitely not a “rose colored glasses” or “pink cloud” type a thing because it’s not a false perception of reality.  It is being grateful for the reality I have.  It’s being content with that reality without using contentment as an excuse to rest on the hard work that got me through those dark times.  It’s also being content with knowing I could choose to rest on those laurels and have my misery refunded.

Life is good.

…and one more for good measure



  1. Sheree says:

    Great photos!

  2. La vie est belle mon ami.

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