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The Return of Bike Quiz:  Your Travel Day, What Do You Do After a Twelve Hour Car Ride?


July 2015

So, you’re a cycling enthusiast and you’re coming home with relatives.  Your wife has asked if she can keep the kids for another week, so you’re going to be flying solo… The car pulls out of the driveway at 4:30 am.  You spend the next 12h:07m:38s in the car…with only two pee breaks.  Seriously.

Fortunately, I knew what was coming so I stopped drinking fluids around six the night before.  Anywho, twelve long hours and I stretch my legs, pee for ten minutes, and haul my gear inside.

It’s 4:50pm now and you have a choice.  You’re physically tired from one awesome vacation but you’re a little worried you didn’t quite get enough miles in over the vacation and you know good and well, it’s easier to keep the train rollin’ than take a day off right before the big club ride tomorrow night…

Do you:

A) Say skip it, take the night off.  Maybe watch a movie or something.

B) Figure you worked more than hard enough to chance it tomorrow night, order a pizza, eat the whole thing based on your “active vacation”.

C) Take an easy 10 mile ride, looking at all of the wonderful scenery, just to keep the legs spun up…

or D)  Start out at an easy pace, only to find that your easy pace jumped from 19 to 22 mph because you hammered the mountains so hard, so you maintain that throughout the ride only dropping below 20 when you’re into the wind…  Then order that pizza but only eat half of it (man did that taste good!) and watch the homerun derby.  For you folks across the pond, that’d be “watch a soccer match”.  Err, European Football or something.  Chuckle.

Dude, you know me by now.  The answer is D, no doubt about it!



  1. Paige says:

    I’ve never met you and I had no doubt about the answer. You’re not a “hang back and let someone else do it” kind of guy.

  2. You are going to be sorry tonight! I am surprised you were not dehydrated after not drinking for so long.

  3. ekels22 says:

    Ended up in the hospital today. Was on the MTB with a tailwind going close to 19 mph. Hit a pothole just right of center in lane flew over the bike. Helmet saved the noggin but my wrist was shattered. Took a hit on the chin and upper lip blood was pouring out. Needless to say be careful out there and I hope Michigan will fix the damn roads.

  4. Sheree says:

    Of course it’s “D”. Who were you kidding?

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