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You Know You Have a Cycling Problem When…

July 2015

With a blog name like Fit Recovery, you should get the impression that I write a lot about fitness and that I am, indeed, a recovered alcoholic (with the understanding that it only takes about ten minutes and a couple stupid decisions to become unrecovered).

In fact, I’ve been sober for 22 years now.  That’s a decent start for sure, and you can bet that to stay sober for that long without going frickin’ nuts, it takes being able to work a decent recovery program.  Long story short, my sobriety Kung Fu is strong.

That’s why I knew I might have a cycling problem when the owner of our local bike shop said I’d have to present him with a signed, dated letter from my wife stating that any future purchases of bicycles have been okayed.

Dude, I got cut off by the bike shop…

If ever there were evidence that I belong nowhere near an alcoholic beverage, that’s it.

IMG_7894 OldGlory IMG_7901 IMG_7076
IMG_6812 IMG_6774 IMG_6760-0
My keen sense of addictive behavior just said, “Oh, shit”.


  1. Smiling that’s awesome. Bikes are beautiful. Can’t wait to I achieve my first goal and get my new one.Yippy. You are an inspiration to me, thanks.

  2. My friends would say that the WA (wife alarm) has been dusabled!

  3. You know the old saying, “You can’t be too rich, have too much money, or too many bikes.”

  4. James L says:

    Congratulations on 22 years! Your story does make me think of those tales of bartenders who would call the wife when their husbands had had too much 🙂

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