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Let the Good Times Roll: Century Season is Upon Us! And a Visit from Dr. Von Brokenspoke…

July 2015

Last night’s club ride was a bit depressing, I won’t kid you.  I had it all figured out and I was going to make it with the lead group to the finish.  At 13 miles my legs were fresh and I’d only been up front twice…  There was only one time in those first 13 where I had to tell myself to hang in there, that I’d recover in a minute and I’d feel better.  Normally, that’s about four or five…  The group was broken up by traffic at a main intersection that we always stop at but there was enough of a break to let some of the guys through, but not all of us…  Greg, Dave, I, and a few others got stuck with a couple of cars coming.  The second traffic cleared we clipped in and I figured I’d get out front because Dave and Greg would make short work of pulling us back to the group and I knew it was going to be hard.  I got right on the gas, the instant my foot clipped in.  I pulled up on the drop, pushed down hard on the pedal, and PING…  Broken spoke nipple.  I quickly checked to see if I could spread the brakes far enough to make the wheels miss, found I could not, so I withdrew.  Dammit.  Ah well, I did end up riding all the way back and actually held a pretty decent average on the way back, considering I had the brakes slowing me down every tire rotation (I dropped from a 20.6 average to 20.0)?

So, today is a decision…  Do I stick with the wheels I’ve got or pony up for another set of wheels that I can afford, especially considering I’ve already got the cash in the slush fund?  Now, I wouldn’t be able to come anything close to affording the Enve’s I want to put on the Venge, but I could definitely make some nice Rolf Prima Vigor’s work…  or I could go for some of the Chinese knock-off carbon wheels with a tempting delivered price of around 2/3’s of the Rolf’s.  This is turning out to be a little bit of a moral dilemma.  I could get the wheels I want with money in the bank to spare, but I’d be supporting the piracy of technology that other companies came up with.  So I’ve decided to not do anything right now.  Worst case scenario, I’ve got my slightly heavier front wheel from the rain bike on the Venge while I get my Vuelta re-laced.  I’ll just keep pumping money into the slush fund until I can afford those Enve’s.

This choice was made a little easier because of one simple, awesome truth:  Century season is upon us!  I’ve got one this coming Sunday, one next Saturday, and (I think) one each week after that all the way through August until we culminate with four centuries in a row at DALMAC over the Labor Day weekend.  I don’t want to have to mess with getting a new, untested set of wheels in the midst of all of these miles…  Speaking of, I had a lot of miles so far this season but it’s about to get hectic.  At this rate and barring any unforeseen problems, I’ll absolutely smash the 10,000 km mark this year.  Too cool, I’m way up on my personal best last year of almost exactly 6,000 miles.

In other words, all is well.

Gotta run.  A little cycling joke there.


  1. AH15 says:

    I can’t believe you held out this long. Buy a set of Rovals. I absolutely love them. I bought clx 40 because I wanted light and aero. I bet you could get a good deal from your lbs. ($1700ish)

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