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Note to Self: No More Bunny Hopping Dead Animal Carcasses on the $5,000 Race Bike…

July 2015

We’re 51 miles into a 58 mile ride, on the home stretch.  The weather is beautiful,  a little hot, but we’ve got a tailwind and I’m having a grand old time.

We’d been in formation for more than 2-1/2 hours and were in the midst of a free for all break.  Matt was up a couple of bike lengths sitting bolt upright, no hands.  Then me, Mike was next to and behind me, followed by Phill, Adam and Diane on their tandem, and Adam’s son.  A couple of decent pedal strokes and I was even with Matt.  We talked about…something…

That’s when I saw the dead and bloated, full-grown racoon carcass in the middle of my lane.  I hopped out of my saddle and hit the gas.  “I’m gonna bunny hop you.”…  It wasn’t till I could smell it, and at more than 20 mph, that I realized how big the thing was.

I had just enough time to think, “Go around it”, followed immediately by, “you sissy.”  I heaved on the hoods, picking the front wheel six inches off the ground and in one swift move, hopped the back end off the ground…

In the air (isn’t it amazing how short it is but how long it feels?)  I had enough time to think, “Sweet, back wheel cleared.”  Then I thought, “Uh oh, back wheel is way too high.”  A split second later my front wheel touched down first.  Technically, “slammed” may be the better word.  Yes, that’s the ticket…  Then my rear wheel hit and I rolled down the road unscathed.  Beautiful.  As I was rolling down the road I checked the path of my wheels to make sure they weren’t out of whack…  They seemed fine.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon.  I’m carrying my front wheel, bike in the truck, across the parking lot.  I’m walking towards the door of my favorite place to be when I’m not with my wife and kids or on my bike.  I’m taking my wheel in to get it relaced because I’d busted a spoke nipple in the middle of the club ride the night before… And that’s when it hit me.


I don’t need new wheels! I need to not bunny hop dead shit in the road on my $5,000 race bike. Dumb ass.

Oh well, the world is best viewed through the eyes of a kid. I just happen to be a 45 year-old kid.  Truth be told, that’s why I ride so much in the first place.


The Specialized Venge: Awesome for going very fast… Not exactly awesome for bunny hopping dead animals.


  1. Live and learn eh? Don’t get too many racoons arousn these parts, I have to say

  2. ..sorry, I was trying to say, mainly rabbits around here. Nice shot of the bike by the way; lovely line of top tube and seat post, and red pedals a nice touch.

    • bgddyjim says:

      LOL, live an learn is a good way to put it… I laughed pretty hard once it finally hit me. Thanks for the compliment on the bike, she’s getting pretty hot and I’m loving it.

  3. Technically it was a raccoon hop, not a bunny hop

  4. ekels22 says:

    Jim I had my surgery on Tuesday both wrists. Hopefully be back on the bike in about 6 weeks. They fixed the potholes that caused my crash. The worse part is nice weather like this doesn’t last long in Michigan. Really miss riding already its my balance in life.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I bet, this is the worst time of year to have to miss… On the other hand, you should be back in time for a decent couple of months of Fall cycling – and much as I enjoy the summer, NOTHING beats a good ride while all of the leaves are turning. Heal fast!

  5. Kecia says:

    I too ride (as well as swim and run) to act like a kid and relive the joys of being a kid. If I were still that young kid, I would have gotten off my bike, buried the animal, stuck a flag in the ground and dug it up later to see what was left…yep that is what I use to do as a kid with dead animals. Maybe that was the start of me wanting to become a science teacher 😉

  6. alofoss says:

    HAHAHA this is hilarious! Love your free spirit attitude!

  7. Living dangerously at 45 — be careful!

  8. Thomas Clayton says:


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