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Helmets. Indeed.


August 2015

Helmets. –


  1. Kim Peek says:

    Great post. I crashed my bike in a race a week ago. My ribs still hurt and it hurts to breathe. I hit my head hard enough to crack my helmet, but I did not get a head injury. Helmets are good!!

  2. exmaschine says:

    I think the helmet issue is truly a paradox. Proven not to protect the brain in significant crashes, but they do offer decent protection against gashes, cuts, etc. And might even save your skull from a very low impact (as the cheap styrofoam is not all that good at absorbing high impact/G-loads).

    The bicycle helmet technology is so outdated (though some companies are now progressing and manufacturing more effective protection) I think more than anything, a helmet offers perceived protection to many, myself included. Hopefully one day, most all bicycle helmets will as good as Snell/ECE rated m/c, auto, etc type helmets.


    • bgddyjim says:

      Nothing’s going to protect against a car crash but I know of several people who escaped serious injury because they were wearing a helmet when they fell.

      I respect anyone’s right to opt out but I’ll be donning a melon protector whenever I go out just the same.

      • exmaschine says:

        So will I, but let’s not be fooled by perception rather than reality. Escaping serious injuries, cannot be proven down to the helmet, it’s a also a matter of luck Jim. Luck, angle of impact, G-load, point of impact ALL play a significant part of surviving or not. Bike helmets are severely lacking in brain protection, this has been proven. Most skiing helmets are rubbish as well. Only top line crash helmets with Snell/ECE ratings are sufficient in brain protection. I too always wear my helmet, but I don’t fool myself into thinking it will 100% save my ass. It’s a crap shoot to be honest. It will lessen the blow in low to moderate impacts and may save me from opening a gash in my skull, but it’s not all that protective against brain injuries. But, like said, I’ll opt for the plastic and foam helmet rather than nothing!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh, I fully agree with you brother. Entirely.

      • exmaschine says:

        Funny when we think about how much our equipment is worth…even some of the high end kit, then the helmets are like an after thought in the industry. Crazy isn’t it? Thankfully, makers of helmets and clothing are now addressing safety/protection issues. Abrasion resistant kit, better helmets…means safer riders! It;s about damn time! lol

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