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Taking the Week Off on the Bike… Without Actually Taking a Day Off…

I rode my bike every day this week.  It was supposed to rain three days this week in the afternoon or evening so that should have meant I’d finally get a day off after 36 days in a row.  No such luck…  Or, can you really call rain lucky?  I think not, but that’s just me.  It actually did rain on Tuesday, but cleared up before the club ride and warm up (at 5 pm).  Then it rained again on Wednesday afternoon, before I got home.  My wife and I went out for a ride on the mountain bikes.  Thursday rain was in the forecast again, though it was supposed to clear up by noon.  It rained, it cleared up by noon, but it stayed cool, cloudy and windy, considering the 80’s and 90’s we’d had just days before.  My wife and I rode 16 miles.  Yesterday was glorious.  Mostly sunny with a minimal wind, all day long.  It was wonderful.  I got a little more than 22 in.

My lightest week over the last five was 232 miles, my heaviest was better than 250.  This week, I might surpass 200 but only if we get all of our 120 miles in between today and tomorrow morning.  In fact, the only really hard ride I went on this week (so far) was on Tuesday and the tough part of that ride only lasted 13 miles.  Tomorrow’s going to be relatively easy, maybe an 18 or 19 mph average over 50 miles and today we’re planning on 70 and I’m guessing we do between 19 and 20…  Decent, for sure, but nothing like the last five weeks where we’d ride a century on one of the weekend days.  For Mountain Mayhem:  Beat the Heat, we averaged 17 mph and we were one of the first 105 mile teams across the line.  17 in those hills was plenty fast.  The next weekend we did the Assenmacher 100 pre-ride at just a smidge under 20 mph.  For the actual Assenmacher I averaged 20.5 and could have been faster but chose to enjoy the last 40 miles rather than push the pace.

In other words, I took a week off without missing a day.  This week was the first time since I bought a bike that I was actually looking forward to a rain day.  Normally they come at the worst possible time and I’m bummed out that I’ve gotta take a day off or choose to ride in the rain.  It’s a good problem to have.

Next week I’ll pass my total mileage for 2012.  A week or two later I’ll pass my total for 2013.  I’ll pass 2014 before October is done – assuming, of course, I remain healthy.  Life is, most certainly, good.

UPDATE: 68 glorious miles in 3:25. 19.8 mph average, with only one stop at the halfway point. A spectacularly awesome ride – one of those, “This is exactly why I love cycling so much” rides.