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A New Way to Cycle for Fit Recovery…

With absolutely perfect weather on the horizon, Mrs. Bgddy and I are ready to take this show on the road, quite literally.  We bought a pop-up camper a month or two ago and we’re just about ready to launch. 

For certain, in a couple of weeks my wife will SAG for me at DALMAC.  This means that instead of having to pitch a tent, I’ll be cuddling up with my wife in a Queen-sized bed.  Not only that, our pop-up has a furnace…  Seriously, a furnace.  


I’ve never been much of a camper, put simply, I hate tents. Our new pop-up sets up just as fast, is dry through even torrential downpours (we’ve tested it), and did I mention it has a freaking furnace?!

We bought that bad boy quite used, dropped quite a bit of cash on it to spruce it up, but it’s finally good to go. No more tents during hunting season, during family camping trips, and not at DALMAC. Next year, for Mrs. Bgddy’s triathlon we’ve already made plans to camp with her friends… Too frickin’ cool.

Incidentally, one of the last things to do will be to build a bike rack that I can strap to the roof of the camper (I am fully aware of the precautions and have worked around all of them).

Next year will be a season for exploring and camping in luxury. Now all I have to do is figure our how to shoe horn a 60″ big screen in there.