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Thou Shalt Slam Thy Stem…


September 2015

I’ve had one spacer below my stem, just a 5 mm spacer, for going on two years now.  I finally decided that it’s time to have the extra cut off the fork, so as soon as the snow flies the fork is going to the shop for surgery.

That led to some serious thought yesterday morning…

“Why don’t I slam that stem all the way?  It’ll look cool…  Maybe it’ll open my hips just a little more.  It’ll look cool.  Maybe I’ll be able to ride a little lower, cheat the wind a little more…  Yeah.

I’m a little nervous though, after all this time on the perfect bike, why mess with perfection?

What if I mess up perfection?!

Ah, but what if what I had wasn’t all the way perfect.  What if lower is better?


…It is.  So far, it’s even more perfect.  26 miles after and it’s easier to ride better.

Tomorrow will be 40+, and maybe 50 on Sunday.  Then I will know for sure…  Though when I finally have my stem cut to size this winter, I’ll have a single 5 mm spacer on top of the stem.

I’ll tell you it’ll be there so I don’t fray the end of the carbon.  And that will be a great reason to have a spacer above the stem…  But that won’t really be the real reason.

The real reason is, after thousands of miles on that bike in a state of utter happiness, should a guy mess with perfection? 

Better safe than sorry.  Once you cut it off, you can’t put it back on.

Still, man did that feel sweet yesterday.

I love my problems.


  1. Tracey says:

    You are so funny. Your posts make me laugh. I have not one mechanical inkling in my body, so I never know what you’re talking about when you talk about the mechanics of the bike. But I sure to laugh. Enjoy your riding this weekend and I sure do hope you are happy with your decision. 🙂

  2. bonnev659 says:

    funny, i go with whatever was on my bike originally. i want to slam it but i know my back wont let me right now… i have a more endurance set up for my front when i change my stem.. it will change once i loose more weight and get a new fitting

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