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An Adventure is Waiting in Every Bike Ride…


September 2015

Some people cycle for the beautiful scenery.




Some, for the camaraderie.





Some, for the bikes.  After all, a cyclist can own the equivalent of a Ferrari for less than $5,000.  When it comes to midlife crisis hobbies, while cycling is anything but cheap, you could do a lot worse – and at least a bike runs on fat…


Or how about the fitness itself?  Eat more veggies?  Look, vegetables are great, but put a bacon and pepperoni pizza up against a cucumber or tofurckey and chia seeds…  Oh, I know, couscous is awesome.  Yeah, I’ll have the pizza.  Butter-garlic crust.  Simple fact is, unless you’re okay with eating like a rabbit (and some are, God Bless ’em), you have to be active.



Ironically, you won’t get legs like that sitting on the couch – though it doesn’t hurt to rest them there now and again.


…And the climbers, who find joy simply in climbing a tough mountain pass.

20140804_110300 20140804_110217

Then there are the adventurers.  Those who load up their bike and head out for a camping week (end).  Or maybe just a day-long trip to explore new roads (or 100 mile-long bike trails)…

20130922-212339 IMG_1292

I love all of it.  I have my Ferrari.  It’s beautiful, fast and fun.  I have my wife and friends, climbing vacations, cycling weekender’s with my wife, beautiful scenery…

…And do we have adventures!  Trips this year included Boyne City, Michigan for Mountain Mayhem: Beat the Heat, The Horsey Hundred in Kentucky, my first DALMAC…

But I also love the mundane, the everyday bike ride, the 30 mile club ride that, even though it’s the same route every day, is never the same ride twice.  There’s the same 16 mile route my wife and I have ridden four days a week, all season long.  There are the weekend rides that we always manage to enjoy but cover much of the same asphalt, week in and week out.  Cycling is what I make of it.  I can concentrate on its imperfections – I can choose to concentrate on its flaws or the fears associated with those flaws or I can concentrate on the vast array of positives that come with a life on two wheels.  For the benefits to my marriage alone, I wouldn’t trade it.

One way or another, my fitness is almost as important to me as my sobriety.  Stay sober or die hard, stay fit or die hard.  When I was a kid, thinking about how cool it would be to be in control of my own money, to have the means to go on adventurous vacations and do fun things, to enjoy life…  I never saw myself doing that on a bike, but that sure is the way it turned out.


  1. The Guat says:

    Duuuude all those pics are pretty good reasons why people love to bike. When I’m not training for a tri I definitely enjoy the scenery and avoid mountains. 🙂 but lakes, small hills, and valleys are a pretty sweet way to enjoy the ride and hang out outdoors chillin’ with nature. Nice post.

  2. EpicGran says:

    I so agree…. Never ever as a kid or even just a couple of years back could I have imagined the joy climbing a tough mountain pass could bring ( ok once I have summmited ). Lovely post with great pics. 🙂

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