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Daily Archives: October 6, 2015

Cycling is one of those rare sports where a desire to be seen isn’t entirely driven by the ego…

On the other hand, sometimes a fella’s just gotta look snazzy…

Here’s the bike:


And the new winter jersey:

Spec Therminal LS Jersey Front 64116-726_APP_THERMINAL-JERSEY-LS_RED-WHT-TEAM_BACK_L

Oh, yeah…  Now that’s a nice mix of Hi-Viz and Awesome!  To tell you the truth, I’ve been waiting on something like this for some time now…  I can understand the whole “Hi-Viz” craze, especially in the cloudy, often crappy, autumn weather we have here in Michigan.  What I hated, at least until now, is that all of the clothing is just bright and usually very boring.  The Therminal Long Sleeve Jersey, is the perfect marriage of cool and “Hi-Viz” though.  ‘Bout time.

I’d do a full write-up, but when it comes to Specialized’s cycling clothing, every piece I’ve ever owned (and I own a lot) has fit well, worn fantastically (I have cycling shorts going on three years old that still look fantastic and perform even better).  I haven’t even worn the new jersey yet (I did try it on) and I can tell you without a doubt, it will exceed my expectations.  Specialized’s stuff is, simply stated, that good.

To date I own: Four pair of cycling shorts (2 RBX Pro, 1 RBX Comp and 1 BG Comp), one jersey, one Element 2.0 jacket, 1 outer rain shell (my wife’s), and one Element 1.o jacket (my wife wears that one most of the time as well, she runs a little cooler than I do), three pair of cycling gloves, 1 pair full finger cycling gloves and an under the helmet winter cap.  Add that up and you’re looking at a whole lot of money and I’ve only ever had a minor problem with one cycling glove, and that was replaced.

So, if you have a Specialized bike and some extra disposable cash, and then a little more disposable cash, pony up for anything you can afford.  Specialized’s cycling wear is well worth the cheese.