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An Attempt at 16 Miles in One Hour on the Mountain Bike…

October 2015

It started out simple enough, when I got home from work…  My wife had to take the kids to swimming so I was riding solo…  It was excellently warm out for October, about room temperature actually (68, not the hyper-stupid 80 that they’re pushing now for a summer thermostat setting) and I chose the mountain bike and less speed for a lack of traffic. 

I started out into the wind, and it was exceptional, with just a simple desire to do 16 miles.  The roads had just been oiled so I was off in the gravel on the side to keep my bike from getting all of that gnarly crap on it.  About three miles in, I got to thinking, “Geez, I wonder if I could hit that 16 in an hour flat.” 

At that second, it was on.  I put the hammer down.

I struggled mightily with the wind and a building storm:


Still, even as gnarly as that looks (and if I’d have snapped that looking to the left it was even worse), it was fairly nice out.


The trees are starting to change too…  Anyway, I hammered on and quit worrying about the road oil:


I rolled into the driveway, 16.77 miles in 1:04 and some change…  just missed it.

Ah well, 15.55 mph, after lolly gagging for the first three, is close enough for government work.

I wish all Michigan autumns were like this…  If tradition holds, it’ll be 34 (1 C) degrees and raining on Halloween.


  1. Can you hear my applause from across the lake? (seriously.. none of my usual sarcasm here). I bet your quads are talking to you right now.

  2. Smithfitness says:

    Keep it up you will break that hour mark in no time

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