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The Importance of Proper Staging When Photographing Your Bicycle…

Now, I’ve written about this topic enough already, but for those who may have missed it, and for some of my newer friends who may have missed it, this is how you photograph your bike:


Well, I might have picked a better location, maybe outside or something, but really, it’s an interesting background in my house…  the wood panels and brick…  In any event, notice you can’t see the inner tube stems?  Hidden by the frame.  Chain is on the big ring and the crank arm is in one of two acceptable positions.  The other is with the leading arm along the same line as the chain stay. 

Now, look at how the sun caresses the bike, illuminating it’s svelte curves in this next picture:


Crap…  Zeus!  Ya dope!

I’ll get back to this post another time… Lost the sunshine again.

…”Next time, wait till I’m done taking photos ya big, purring dope.”

Tuesday Night Club Ride: 100% Chance of Being 15% Wet Edition

The weather last night was typical for November…  Sadly it’s October.  ‘Bout time it caught up with us.  It was cold, damp and windy.  Still, I showed up, because that’s what we do.  My gut doesn’t care if it’s a bit nippley outside.  Oops, did I say nipple?! 

Anyway, the brilliant Weather Channel said a 15% chance of rain.  Fifteen percent, at one time, meant the Venge was going out because there’s an 85% chance it won’t rain…  Now it seems like a 15% chance of rain means an 85% chance of sprinkles with only a 15% chance of a downpour. 

The warm up sucked.  Shortened due to impending darkness, we were wet before the second mile was done – and it only got worse…

We managed to keep our warm by taking laps around the 1/2 mile block and the sprinkling stopped.  We rolled out at 5:30, Mike and I in the lead but not before cracking a decent joke…  One of the guys who shows up now and again noticed my perfect choice of matching kit and said, “Man, check you out all decked out!”  I did, if I do say so myself (and I do), look smashingly awesome.  I said, amidst my group of friends, “Well I figured out how to work the kit…  If I can’t ride like Dave, I should at least dress like him.”  Dave recently took a podium spot at a huge Crit amongst Cat 1, 2 & 3 cyclists – Dave’s fast.  We all had a laugh at my expense and rolled out.

We pulled into the wind at 18.5 mph (not terribly bad into an 18 mph wind) for a mile before falling back… and that’s precisely when the skies opened up, again. 

Mike looked at me and said, “You know, I could be done.”

That’s all I needed to hear.  We turned tail and headed back to the parking lot as the rain picked up…

I don’t need the miles.  Not this late in the season.  Not that bad.  We packed our bikes into our vehicles and beat a path for home.

I’ve eaten dinner, had a cup of coffee and have watched the rest of the Cubs win over St. Louis (!).  I’m just starting to warm up.

I’ll hear about it next week, from Phill and Dave, but I’m okay with it.  I’ll live. Meh.