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Swimming Season Begins, Personal Bests Abound for My Girls…

No ride Saturday morning, rain and crap weather had me making everyone’s breakfast sammiches before I had to take my eldest down for her first swim meet of the year.

Mrs. Bgddy had left earlier with the youngest who swam in the morning session and managed to drop at least five seconds on each of her events.

Then came the eldest.  She dropped five seconds on her first, seventeen seconds on her 200 free, a pile of seconds on her 100 medley and almost five on her 50 free.  It was her best day swimming, ever.

My girls, are no longer in the early heats, they’re mid-way through, and they’re only getting stronger.  Their effort so moved my wife, she was brought to tears a few times.

My cycling season may be close to over but my year isn’t, not quite yet…  We’ll ride when we can, right up till the snow flies but we won’t rough a whole lot of precipitation.  Cold, no problem but not rain, sleet or snow.  The days are getting shorter but our evenings are filled with swimming practices and our weekends with meets – and that’s fine with me.  I get much of the spring, all of the summer and a month and change of fall where we’re not running all over God’s green Earth for swimming meets so I can ride.  That’s good enough.

Sadly, as November is finally upon us, my weekly mileage takes a tumble.  I went from 220 miles a week to just 105 last week, over four days of riding.  On the plus side though, there was a time not too long ago where 105 miles was one of my better weeks…  On the other hand, I should be passing the 7,000 mile mark for the year next week, so I can live with a few short weeks.

In short, all is well.