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Power Line: Extra Bacon on My Hot Dog, Please!

November 2015
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Power Line: Extra Bacon on My Hot Dog, Please!

For a sober view of exactly what went into the numbers that went into the reporting hype about red and processed meats making the headlines last week, including the one-liner about red meat being compared to smoking, another of those “it takes an intellectual to say something so stupid” lines, unless smoking isn’t as bad as has been reported, take a look at the link above.

Pay particular note of the occurrence of colorectal cancer (it’s plummeted, not risen over the last five decades or so) and the laughable math they went through over in the UK to show how many more people could expect to get butt-cancer because they eat red meat…  10 per 1000 more when compared to those who eat the least meat.  That’s it.  Ten per thousand.  Let me put this mildly; as fit as I am, I’ll take my chances, now pass the lunch meat and mayo (and you’d better put that Miracle Whip back in the fridge where it belongs, gimme the real stuff!).

If you want to be more well-informed than your typical hypester, I can’t recommend Power Line highly enough.  They do the math, rather than rely on a newspaper as Gospel (or the Lancet as the case is…  Check out the post to find out another nonsensical item they published but had to back away from – it’s a big one).

In the mean time, I’ll have some extra bacon on my hotdog and hamburger…  What backyard cookout is complete without all three?  None to my knowledge and experience.

Oh, and while we’re at it, may as well throw in a bottle of Coke or two*… (The key is to read the fine print: The scientists don’t actually know of it’s the pop or the lifestyle that leads to problems. My guess is the latter.

*I stopped regularly drinking soda (aka pop, soda pop, “fizzy drinks” or sugary beverages) long ago. I still partake from time to time because nothing puts a smile on my mug like an ice-cold Coca-Cola 80 miles into a century. Nothing. I stopped because I didn’t like the idea of having to work that many “stupid calories” off.



  1. ekels22 says:

    I quit drinking soda about six months ago. Used to drink a can with dinner everyday. About 60 plus miles into a ride yesterday stopped for lunch and had a Dr. Pepper. Tasted so good.

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