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Need an Energy Drink for a Boost? You’re a Sissy.

Now that I’ve got your attention and started off on the wrong foot, let’s go a different direction with this…

I would love to tell you I’ve never downed an energy drink, that a Monster never appealed to me.  I’d be lying.

I had just started a construction company, a fairly big one too.  Not that being a trunk slammer is bad, but try funding an office with a warehouse plus two cars, a mortgage, a wife and two kids on good looks and want to…  It sounds frickin’ awesome but it’s hard as hell.

I was working late, staying up late and with all of the stress, not sleeping well before waking up early (3:30-4:30 am) and doing it all over again.

In addition to a daily pot of coffee, I turned to energy drinks every now and again to stay awake for my drive home from the office, often not knowing if I’d have the cash to make my once-a-month salary.  Every penny I made over that went back into the company.

I used those drinks, maybe a couple of dozen times, to push myself farther and harder than people are supposed to go, right?


I used those drinks to work harder at the expense of learning how to work smarter.

I used those drinks, over a period of three months or so, as a crutch because I was a sissy.

It’s been six years since I felt a need to drink a Monster.  I’m coming up on my ninth year in business (five is darn-near impossible if you look at the stats).  I’ve done better than a Million Dollars in sales (another near-impossibility), in each of those three years and I may double that next year (with a little luck, double and a half).

I get more, deeper, satisfying sleep.  My only vice being a need to ride a bicycle go work out any residual tension from the day.  No booze, no drugs, no pills…  No crutches.

I learned to work smarter, not harder.

Energy drinks are for sissies.  For babies. People who rely on them are to be pitied, even looked at as “sickly” or “weak”.

They’re for people who would rather rely on a quick rush (usually followed by a crash) instead of doing the hard, disciplined work.  Energy drinks are worse than that, though….

Energy drinks aren’t a typical crutch, where once one can walk on their own steam, they can’t wait to set the crutch in the corner to conduct observational experiments on its ability to collect dust.  Energy drinks are far more insidious.  Before long, the user can become reliant on its use, come to need it to perform even menial tasks.

Given enough time and reliance, they become a shortcut to the long road, because once you grow up and set them aside, you’re going to have to learn how to walk without the crutch before you can run.

Wings my ass, that’s an anchor.

Just a thought.