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You want me to pay for WHAT?!

November 2015

Illegal immigrants.

We can’t ship illegal aliens back?  We can’t round them up and put them in detention centers and ship them home?  It’ll break up families?

Hey, if 10 or 15 million taxpayers decided to simply quit paying taxes, do you think you’d hear those same arguments?  Do you think the head of the IRS, who illegally targeted legal citizens and conservative groups for government intrusion (government sponsored rape, from the sound of it), would say, “Well, you know, we just can’t find them, and even if we did, if we did anything about it, it would break up families to take their money.  Kids would struggle with hunger.  So we’re just going to let that go.”?  I don’t think so.  It would look more like this:

10 to 15 million people would have everything the government could get, confiscated, each and every one of them, without a second thought.  And within a year.

Just sayin’.

I’m not saying I’m for deportation, I like some of the other proposals floating out there – guest worker programs and such, with capped registration periods…  I’m just saying, if the shoe were on a different foot, you wouldn’t hear the government whining about enforcing the law.

Next, these goofy kids who are complaining that they want free college and they wish for the government to confiscate money that rich people make to pay for it…  Well, I’m not in the top 1% but I’m in the top 10, so I’m going to take this personally.

First, you can lick my sweaty a$$#0£€ after a century ride, you petulant f@(&.  Second, you’re dumb enough to assume that I’m too stupid to miss the cap…  Folks, I can legally make it work out so I’m  $500 under the cap, each and every year, without suffering consequences – and you can bet your sweet ass I would.  In fact, it wouldn’t even be that hard…

See, as major corporations, our tax estimates have to be a little more intricate than “estimates”.  My accountant does monthly financial reports for my company that go into the tax portfolio…  I know, to the dollar, how much I’m going to get nicked by the IRS.

All I have to do, if I get close to making too much, is simply turn down work.  “Nope, sorry, too busy.”

My corporate tax rate stays at 50%.  By $500.

Now, here’s the real bitch, you confiscatory pissants…  The people whom I pay to do the heavy lifting, the hard work of building your $#!+, would obviously have to be laid off during those pullbacks to keep me under the cap.  In other words, your ridiculous desire to make someone else pay for something you want has unintended consequences (get used to that word, it actually has real meaning once you leave the nursery) that hurt people you never intended hurting.  The f@(k I wouldn’t, too – to avoid going from 50% to 90%?  Are you kidding me?  And if you think I’m harsh, look at all of the companies that cut hours to avoid Obamacare…  Who got hurt?  The workers, not the corporation.  Nice work.

What do you think this is?  Look at it this way, let’s use One Million Dollars in income as the cutoff – now, if this really was the cutoff, I’d have little chance of ever attaining it, that’s just too much to hope for for what I do, but I digress…

If I make $1,000,000 right now, the government takes half, or a little more, between State and Federal taxes.  $500,000 goes to me, right?

Now let’s say we get into confiscation taxation (Unconstitutional by the way, equal protection under the law…  it isn’t challenged now because it’s not worth the fight, but it would).  If I make $999,995, I keep $499,997. But if I make $1,000,005, I only get to keep  $100,002.  Making Ten Dollars more means I have to pay an extra $400,000 in taxes?  You’re frickin’ nuts if you think anyone will get close to that.  In fact, rather than college, maybe you should go back to grade school for some remedial classes because you are truly dumber than my left nut.

Of course, it’ll be graduated, the confiscation… but whatever.  You get the idea.  I’m not going to get anywhere near any cutoff, wherever they put it.  My kids would be the best-paid floor sweepers in America before I allowed that to happen.

Finally, while we’re ranting about stupid political crap (that’s the Royal “we”, there’s only one of me), allow me to express, with glee, just how beautiful it is to watch those Liberal bastions of miseducation, the “corporatized” universities, struggle through this.  To see that bogus education turned around to impale those who taught it in the first place is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen in politics.

Unfortunately the kids didn’t get the meme (memo):

We don’t actually believe any of this shit.  We just use it to f@(k Republicans.  We’re supposed to be immunized by teaching you this drivle in the first place!


  1. fastk9dad says:

    Got to love the Neil Cavuto interview with Americas future. On the bright side their million man march only had about 3k show up. They really aren’t good at math. 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      I saw clips of it… Yeah, “high as a kite” summed it up. Chuckle… 3,000?! Must have been a bunch of parents said no when the kids asked for an extra grand in traveling money to get there. 😉

  2. Now you can explain as well how 95% of the wealth in this country migrated to 1% of the population? Because if all you said was true, and the basic math were correct, and that money was being confiscated, as you put it, that would never, ever happen. So there’s actually an entirely separate dynamic that you don’t even sniff. And that’s the problem. Even hard-working Americans are being played for stiffs in this process. So it’s those folks that have you by the short ones, not middle-class Americans trying to get some sort of equity, rather than insanity, as an economic operative. I agree that tax rates should not be 90%, but they have been in the past, and we ultimately reached a middle balance through politics.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Ah, but when taxes were that high in the past, even the rich were allowed write-offs they are no longer privy to. Technically, I am middle-class too, upper yes, but I know hourly GM workers who make more than I do… The problem, invariably is that there’s never enough once you milk the rich so they always come after the rest of us.

      After Kennedy so awesomely cut taxes, and then Reagan, the country went through unprecedented growth – the work force doubled after the Reagan cuts… The reality is, once you accept the truth: Under ANY system, the rich always get richer, even Communism or Socialism – then all you have to is look at which one helps ANYONE, regardless of political affiliation, move up, Capitalism wins every time.

      You also have to look at the so-called “income inequality”… The gap always widen under a good economy and shrinks considerably under bad… Always, because the rich are more adversely affected when times get tough (they lose a greater percentage of their net wealth)… So the real answer is to have a crappy economy but that sucks for everyone. I’d rather grant that which goes to the rich and have good times, but that’s just me…

      That said, what’s really fun to look at is how higher education is second only to medical care in terms of inflation… If you want to see something that will really fry you, try to follow University money.

      I will guarantee you, it can’t be done. I’ve seen professors, way more intelligent than you or I, throw up their arms in disgust, trying to figure out where all of that money goes.

      Oh, and a typical work week for a tenured professor is less than 25 hours, but that’s another can of worms.

    • Tony says:

      I think if people stopped worrying about what other people had and just worried about themselves – and maybe counted their blessings – they wouldn’t feel so outraged as Mr. Cudworth does.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Tony, I know Mr. Cudworth’s politics and what he wrote is not outrage, believe me. It’s a simple ingestion of bogus information mixed with the notion that it’s not fair. Bill Gates, it can be argued, has more money than God… But look at what he did for the world with his product… He made computers what they are today. Without him, I couldn’t run my company as well as I do. I think his wealth is earned. Is it too much? Sure, but who am I to say so?

        What others don’t consider is what Gates had to give up for that money. Look at Steve Jobs, a lot of good all that money did him. He made all of the sacrifices but didn’t have the time to enjoy the fruit because he died. It was a gamble I’m not willing to take. I’ll make less and enjoy all of my days now. Besides, anyone who knows about money knows how much work it is to keep it. Too much work for me.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh, and almost I forgot! Christopher is really a good guy… I disagree with him on a lot of political things, but he doesn’t do outrage.

  3. Dan says:

    For years I’ve qualified for welfare, but have and wouldn’t take it. I don’t understand the current socialist way of thinking at all. It makes no sense in any way. Financially, it’s a fiasco and, historically, every country that has ever gone that route, has widened the gap between the “haves” and “have nots.” In a pure society with no greed present, pure communism sounds wonderful, but that’s not feasible to eliminate greed or laziness. I’ve stayed in my income bracket for too long just from loving my profession and being too optimistic about making it pay. Thus my career recent change

  4. Dan says:

    *have , NOT taken it…….love doing this on a phone……

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