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Buy a Gun to Fight Terrorism!

Look, half of the political class in the USA can’t even figure out what to call it, which is quite amazing when you think about it…  They have no problem comparing Republicans to terrorists in silly, over the top speeches but they can’t quite seem to be able to make the leap when it comes to simply calling terrorism what it is.  Funny that.

Add to that, the same dopes want to bring over a bunch of Syrian refugees that we know are going to be stacked with ISIS members (we know this because they said they would do this).  Now, if you do the math (and Charles Krauthammer did the math), if just one percent of all of those refugees are ringers for ISIS that would be TWELVE Paris kill squads.  Folks, while the Statue of Liberty does read, “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free…”, it does not say “Send me your terrorists who would rather you convert to their religion or die.”  See the difference there?  Big difference between breathing free and dying.  Just for the record.

At the same time, we have a situation in this country that has police fumbling over how to keep their jobs rather than how to fight crime.

With this ongoing ridiculousness, call it what it is, buffoonery, there’s only one answer if you don’t want to become a lemming:  Arm up, baby.

Make your politician understand that you’re pissed…  Peacefully.  Buy a firearm, legally of course.

No, don’t bother calling your politician, they won’t listen anyway.  They’ll just try to convince you that you’re wrong, that “the intelligence community will vet refugees against all available imformation”.  Meanwhile, they simply and conveniently leave out that there’s no information available.


Buy a gun.  Whether it be the Joe Biden special – a beanbag shotgun that you can actually, legally fire off the back porch without getting arrested [ED. There’s no such thing – unless you’re actually Joe Biden, who might get away with being so stupid as to fire a shotgun off his back porch, only because he’s Joe Biden.  On the other hand, having the Secret Service there affords him the easy ability to quibble] or a no $#!+ real pistol, believe me, the party in question watches gun sales numbers almost as closely as focus group results.

Then, learn to use it.  Train hard, train well, train smart, do it legally…  And if you see something that looks like what happened in Paris, light that shit up like a Christmas tree.

Or don’t.  You can duck and cover, shelter in place, be aware…  And wait on the Administration to swoop in and save you.  Good luck with that.  Just remember who threw you under the bus in the first place…


Cycling for the Avid Enthusiast: Quality vs. Quantity

I’ve been cycling for four seasons now…  Avidly.  I love everything about it.  I love the bikes (some more than others), the teamwork (for roadies), the dirt (single tracks), the vastly improved relations with my wife, the clothing, the food, and still fitting into the same slacks size I did when I was 25 – I just fill everything out better now.

There is only one thing that really chaps my ass.  One thing that drives me up a freakin’ wall.  I run out of “want to” so I can’t keep up with the A group on Tuesday nights.

Now, I’ve made my peace with it, for the most part.  I’m truly just not willing to train as hard as the other guys do and I’m not willing to take rest days like they do.  Oh, I ride every day I can, whether you think it’s a good idea or not.  I simply don’t care, because it’s just right for my melon (the gray matter between my ears).

That said, I am fast enough to be of use and to enjoy myself with the eight to ten guys and three women I ride with on a regular basis.  That should be good enough…  Alas, I’m a cyclist and we all know it takes a little convincing to maintain that belief.

The question, however, is Quality or Quantity.  Both have their merits to the avid cyclist, but is one better than the other?

I’ve tried both but I’ll hold my opinion for just a minute.


Now quantity comes with one blazingly awesome quality:  Normal people will think you’re awesome.  As in, “You rode a bicycle a hundred miles yesterday?!  What’d that take you, 15 hours?!”

“Nah, four and a half hours or so.”

That’s usually followed by a blank stare and a slack jaw.  If you’re lucky, even a little drool on the fellas lapel.

Or possibly you get a sucker…  “Yeah, how many miles do you ride in a year?”

“Meh, six or seven thousand miles.  Enough I could ride to La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya) California.  And back.  And back there one more time, because I forgot my arm warmers.  Or, if I wanted to do a one-way trip, I could ride from my driveway roughly to Bolivia (just north of Argentina, but don’t cry for me because it’s all good).”

My buddy Mike, a formidable 62 year-old avid enthusiast, is a quantity kind of guy…  And he’s retired so he can afford to be.  He rides enough in a year to get all the way to Argentina, and not just the northern tip…  He’d have enough left over to actually explore the country for a minute before catching a plane home.

Quantity is more about sheer volume than speed.


Quality isn’t quite as Sexy.  Quality is for us working stiffs.  “Hey, I’ve only got an hour to get my smile on after a long day at the office, so I do what I can and then hammer the longer miles when I’ve got time on the weekends.”  This is the world I live in.  Interval days on the trainer in the winter.  Hill sprints (intervals) in the springtime, lots of time in the mountains on vacation…  The harder the ride you can fit into the short time you’ve got, the better.

Quality is pretty fun to talk about too:

“So how long does it take you to do that 30 miles?”

“‘Bout an hour and fifteen minutes.”

The problem here, of course, is that if you’re talking to a Time Trialist, he (or possibly she) will likely laugh at you.  Also, if you’re speaking to someone who has, God forbid, never ridden a bike, they’ll convert that into car travel time and likely be unimpressed.

That really doesn’t answer the question though, does it?  Which is best for the avid cyclist?

Whichever makes your face look like this:


Or this:


Or this:


Or this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or this, or this, this, this, and this:


To get really fast, I have it on authority, it takes both.  Time and Intensity…  But we’re avid enthusiasts.  We are in it for the good times and noodle salad.

[ED:  If you were expecting this to be a serious post that actually tried to dissect Quantity vs. Quality, I apologize.  If you thought this post was a serious look at whether to choose one or the other based on the information presented, please put down the serious pills.]