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Buy a Gun to Fight Terrorism!

November 2015

Look, half of the political class in the USA can’t even figure out what to call it, which is quite amazing when you think about it…  They have no problem comparing Republicans to terrorists in silly, over the top speeches but they can’t quite seem to be able to make the leap when it comes to simply calling terrorism what it is.  Funny that.

Add to that, the same dopes want to bring over a bunch of Syrian refugees that we know are going to be stacked with ISIS members (we know this because they said they would do this).  Now, if you do the math (and Charles Krauthammer did the math), if just one percent of all of those refugees are ringers for ISIS that would be TWELVE Paris kill squads.  Folks, while the Statue of Liberty does read, “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free…”, it does not say “Send me your terrorists who would rather you convert to their religion or die.”  See the difference there?  Big difference between breathing free and dying.  Just for the record.

At the same time, we have a situation in this country that has police fumbling over how to keep their jobs rather than how to fight crime.

With this ongoing ridiculousness, call it what it is, buffoonery, there’s only one answer if you don’t want to become a lemming:  Arm up, baby.

Make your politician understand that you’re pissed…  Peacefully.  Buy a firearm, legally of course.

No, don’t bother calling your politician, they won’t listen anyway.  They’ll just try to convince you that you’re wrong, that “the intelligence community will vet refugees against all available imformation”.  Meanwhile, they simply and conveniently leave out that there’s no information available.


Buy a gun.  Whether it be the Joe Biden special – a beanbag shotgun that you can actually, legally fire off the back porch without getting arrested [ED. There’s no such thing – unless you’re actually Joe Biden, who might get away with being so stupid as to fire a shotgun off his back porch, only because he’s Joe Biden.  On the other hand, having the Secret Service there affords him the easy ability to quibble] or a no $#!+ real pistol, believe me, the party in question watches gun sales numbers almost as closely as focus group results.

Then, learn to use it.  Train hard, train well, train smart, do it legally…  And if you see something that looks like what happened in Paris, light that shit up like a Christmas tree.

Or don’t.  You can duck and cover, shelter in place, be aware…  And wait on the Administration to swoop in and save you.  Good luck with that.  Just remember who threw you under the bus in the first place…



  1. Dan says:

    Love my full choke 12 gauge!!!

  2. adarling575 says:

    What would you say to the argument that by exhorting more and more Americans to buy guns … a small (tiny) % of them will end up shooting up schools and cinemas? Its an interesting dichotomy because I imagine a lot of people on my side of the political spectrum would be all for gun control / outlawing all guns BUT would also be completely against not allowing in any Syrian refugees. Equally, not banning guns but also not allowing in any Syrian refugees – both those positions seem slightly contradictory to me?

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, first I would say that you’re mixing apples and oranges to pick a fight you cannot win. I wrote, in several places in my post the word “legally” or “legal”. What you miss is that legal firearm owners in the US commit crimes well below all other demographics. Then, I would say that the notion an American should not exercise his or her God-given rights if they have the legal means to do so is utterly preposterous. Then I would probably excoriate you for suggesting that exercising said God-given right is tantamount to terrorism or importing terrorists into the country, is equally wrong-headed. See, in our Country, rights are granted by a Power greater than Government, not the other way around. Finally, as those on that side of the political arena always do, you assume that if you ban guns in a country, nobody will have guns. This is not true. The only two groups who will have guns are the law and the bad guys… Bad people always find a way to get a gun. No? Of course they do. In fact, our own government allowed banned weapons to be sold to the drug cartels in Mexico… On PURPOSE. Please answer how terrorists had banned guns in France.

      Now, I believe in a person’s right to be a sheep in the flock. I just want better for my family and a cop is just too big to carry with me. Fair enough?

      • adarling575 says:

        I wasn’t really trying to pick a fight, just interested to see what your view was on it. I am trying to take it at a slightly “further out” level – at the view of whether it is a good thing to prevent x or people doing x on the grounds that small amounts of people doing x do horrific things. I certainly never said that owning guns in America was tantamount to terrorism or importing terrorists into the country.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Nor was I. You asked a question, “what would I say” and I answered it frankly… what I wrote is quite literally what I would say…

        And while you didn’t directly come out and say that owning a gun in America is tantamount to importing terrorists, you did say that indirectly by suggesting what I wrote in my post could possibly spur someone on to shoot up a school… or do exactly what the terrorists in France did. So you didn’t, but you did.

        That said, it’s okay. I don’t expect everyone to understand the legal procedures required to actually carry a firearm in the US… The hurdles are quite extensive and I’ve given up a small part of my freedom to do so. My fingerprints are on file with the FBI (your Interpol I believe). I’ve also attended extensive training to do so. Only the criminals can own and carry firearms without knowing anything about them. I wasn’t trying to pick a fight either. I was just simply answering a simple question. It’s all good. 😀

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh, hey… I just got back from a bike ride so I got to clear my head a little bit and I just had a thought to add: A person bat-shit crazy enough to murder children would not be inspired to do so by a post that exhorts fighting terrorism by the purchase of a firearm. Those cowards are scared to death of those of us who would, as I so eloquently stated, “light that shit up like a Christmas tree”.

        They choose schools and theaters because they know it’s illegal to carry a pistol there (even for me, with my license). They call them “gun free zones”. Most police officers have another name for them. Criminal Enterprise Zones. They choose those places because they know they won’t run into people like me. Make sense?

      • adarling575 says:

        Oh I completely agree with your second sense and I never meant to imply that somebody reading your post would go out, buy a gun and then shoot up a school! Sorry if that’s the impression given across because I do not think that and did not mean that at all. Just the difference between increased gun ownership despite tiny minority of “bat-shit crazy” people and no taking in of Syrian refugees due to the tiny minority of “bat-shit crazy” people!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Gotcha… See, that’s what I thought you were getting at (that line of attack is quite typical of our left-wing nuts over here, so my “filter” definitely played a part in the misunderstanding.

        I think it would be fair to say, then, we have enough of our own bat-shit crazy people, we don’t need to import any more. Also, ISIS wanted to hit a target (from reports) closer to 10%… Or 120 death squads. Kraft Krauthammer just used 1% to make the point that even that’s a lot. And we’re not talking about chance here… We would literally be importing a bunch of people who are hell bent on killing us. No way it’s worth the risk. No chance.

  3. James L says:

    That last paragraph reminded me of a recent comment made after the Paris attacks – “The police are minutes away to the rescue, but the problem is the difference between life and death is a couple of seconds – only you can protect yourself and your family”.

  4. bribikes says:

    Forget a picture being worth a thousand words, that one is worth closer to a million words in my estimation. I really wish we lived in an Eden-like state of peace but as long as there is terrorism, crime and corrupt governments in the world we need as many good, responsible people to own guns as possible.

  5. Dan says:

    Want some wonderful irony? My daughter-in-law got hired to play violin at a concert in Des Moines. When she got to the gig, she found out it was playing behind Katy Perry for a Hilary Clinton rally. She used the money to help my son buy a Ruger semi-automatic .44

  6. Dan says:

    Caliber handgun. God bless America!!

  7. MJ Ray says:

    Buying guns to stop terrorism is right up there with buying Dolly Parton records to stop country music

  8. Well-armed citizens make for a polite society.

  9. OmniRunner says:

    By “Administration” do you mean the local police will swoop in and save me?
    Can you imagine 10 people with pistols in a dark theater trying to take out a shooter? I bet most of the victims would have wounds from all of the armed citizens.
    The 2nd Amendment does say ” A well regulated militia…”. To me that means the local militias that the colonies had in the days when the Constitution was written. In those days the gun you used to bring home dinner was the same gun you used on Indians and Red Coats. Today that is no longer the case.
    Your politicians are listening to you as evidenced by our current laws. How can it not be obvious that anyone on the no fly list should not be able to buy a gun? So what if a US Citizen is inconvenienced because they are on the list by mistake. I’d take that inconvenience if it meant my daughter would come home from the movie theater or school.
    And gun show purchases? Why can’t people wait?
    I grew up with guns, fired many rounds, walked around the woods with a rifle that grew heavier by the hour. I’ve fired semi-automatic rifles and hand guns.
    I’m not some East Coast guy who doesn’t understand guns. I just don’t understand the “gun culture.”
    The 2nd Amendment says “A well regulated militia…” Regulation of fire arms was intended. Why is that part ignored?

    • bgddyjim says:

      Your assumptions about law-abiding citizens, as should be expected, are all wrong but that’s just fine and I’ll get to that in a minute… As to the Constitution, you’re reading it wrong. Let me simplify it for you: Because a well regulated militia is a necessity of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The key words in the first part of the sentence are, of course, “Free” “State”. That notwithstanding, because the militia is necessary, the right of the people… It’s no different today that it was back then. As for the no fly list, your ignorance in the matter is telling. The reasoning behind being against the no-fly list is that the government has the authority to put anyone they want on that list and it is notoriously difficult to get off unless you have an exceptional attorney and put an extraordinary amount of time into getting yourself removed. In other words, a citizen has no recourse (there are more than a few conservative pundits on the list currently or who went through the expense of being taken off). The rights granted in the Constitution are God-given, not government given. See, nowadays liberal politicians are such underhanded liars, they have to be cut off at the pass – they simply can’t be trusted to operate in good faith because they have none. Look at the so called “Universal” background checks. They’re not universal at all, they’re government run instead of state run. Big difference there. Everyone knows liberals will abuse that system just like they did the IRS. The problem here is that you’ve bought into the whole left-wing “trust us, we’re from the government and we’ll protect you”. They won’t. They can’t. And they darn sure aren’t going to eliminate guns being on the street. Hell Andy, they just allowed how many firearms get into the hands of the Mexican cartels? That was government sponsored gun running brother. For gun show purchases, you have to know how all of this works to have an opinion. I do not have to go through a background check to purchase a firearm – from a gun shop OR a private seller. I am licensed to do so… For someone other than a CPL holder, they have to get a purchase permit from the local Sheriff before they can purchase a firearm. No purchase permit, no purchase… In other words, those that should have a wait time do. I don’t know how this works in other States, but they have it right in Michigan. Finally, your daughter is perfectly safe around me. I promise, no matter what anyone does to her, my pistol will stay in its holster… unless the attacker turns towards me. Then I’ll light him up like a Christmas tree. Lesson number one they teach you at your CPL class, but you would never know because you didn’t bother.

      Finally, regulation of the militia was intended and thankfully the Supreme Court reads in that way.

      That said, were things actually the way you thought they were (they most certainly are not), I would agree with you. Especially on the no-fly list. But I believe in human rights before government power, so I have to take that into account first.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Hey, one other thing Andy… The way you’re reading the second amendment, it should look more like this: A militia being a necessity of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall be regulated by the government. That, obviously, is not what it says.

      • OmniRunner says:

        They were unbelievably vague. But I believe they meant state militias which have turned into the National Guard. They considered themselves citizens of their respective states first and wrote from that perspective, for the most part.
        And as I’ve said before, they were taking about muskets which had a duel purpose. Modern military weapons were designed for one purpose, and it wasn’t to make hamburger in the woods.
        They had no concept of the weapons we have available today.
        I’m no constitutional lawyer but I can see the damage that these weapons are inflicting on our country. We have other ways to address our grievances to our government.
        I don’t think it will ever be legit to take up arms against the government. The idea that we need guns to defend ourselves from the government just seem ludicrous to me.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Well, thankfully you’re not the one guarding our freedom brother. I’d gladly carry a cop around with me where ever I went but they tend to get a little heavy after four or five steps.

        Just for fun, looking at your musket misunderstanding, look up the reasoning behind Japan bombing Pearl Harbor instead of a full invasion.

        It wasn’t because our military was big.

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