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The Beginning of a Month Long Celebration – 2015

November 2015
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A few years ago I wrote a post, that others have said was my best ever.  I can tell you this, I sure loved writing it – and I thought it was my best:

November is a special month for me. I celebrate every single day of the entire month. I celebrate having the ability to have a wife and two fantastic daughters. I celebrate being on the right side of the grass, pumping air. I celebrate being able to love my wife. I celebrate having my business and a home, food on the table and two cats. I celebrate running and cycling. I celebrate having friends. I celebrate having a family. I celebrate having some of the best in-laws on earth. I celebrate having 10 fingers and 10 toes attached to two hands and feet and two arms and legs and a big ole’ slow pumpin’ heart… I celebrate, for 30 straight days, the fact that I can celebrate all of this because of one simple, profound decision made 20 years ago this November 18th…

Click here for the rest, if you haven’t read it yet.



  1. bonnev659 says:

    congrats you made it this far, keep it up and loving your blog posts

  2. JustI says:

    And congratulations again 🙂

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