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So Endeth the Cycling Season?

I’ve got the bottom steering bearing from the 5200 in the shop.  Just the bearing…  Now, I thought I’d taken that apart once before.  Uh, yeah, that hadn’t been taken apart since it was put together in 1999.

Funny thing about the steering bearings – they’re easy to ignore, until the steering doesn’t work right.  Well, I’d had enough with mine so I took the whole thing apart to clean it up to see if I needed a new bearing.  I did, the bottom one.  I cleaned everything up and took the offending bearing to the shop.

Skip to the standard bicycle story…  I needed to buy two of those bearings ten years ago because they don’t make them anymore.  So now I’ve gotta buy a whole new steering assembly, it’s ordered and on the way.  It’ll be installed when the bike is painted.

In the mean time, they cleaned the old one up and repacked it so I’m going to pick the bearing up today so I can at least ride the bike for the last month of the season. 

Perfect, right?






Originally they were calling for 3 to 5 inches.  We’re up to 6 to 8. On the funny side, we were planning on a club ride for tomorrow.  So much for that.

Ah well, it’s supposed to head back into the 50’s so no, this won’t be the end.  However, it’s definitely time to pull out the trainer and dust it off. It’s just a matter of time now.

Today, it’s swim meets all day long until we head out to dinner in Fenton at my new favorite BBQ Restaurant to celebrate my 23rd Anniversary, my youngest’s report card and my oldest’s 3.93.

Ah, life is good.  It sure as hell ain’t easy, but it is good.

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