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So Endeth the Cycling Season?

November 2015

I’ve got the bottom steering bearing from the 5200 in the shop.  Just the bearing…  Now, I thought I’d taken that apart once before.  Uh, yeah, that hadn’t been taken apart since it was put together in 1999.

Funny thing about the steering bearings – they’re easy to ignore, until the steering doesn’t work right.  Well, I’d had enough with mine so I took the whole thing apart to clean it up to see if I needed a new bearing.  I did, the bottom one.  I cleaned everything up and took the offending bearing to the shop.

Skip to the standard bicycle story…  I needed to buy two of those bearings ten years ago because they don’t make them anymore.  So now I’ve gotta buy a whole new steering assembly, it’s ordered and on the way.  It’ll be installed when the bike is painted.

In the mean time, they cleaned the old one up and repacked it so I’m going to pick the bearing up today so I can at least ride the bike for the last month of the season. 

Perfect, right?






Originally they were calling for 3 to 5 inches.  We’re up to 6 to 8. On the funny side, we were planning on a club ride for tomorrow.  So much for that.

Ah well, it’s supposed to head back into the 50’s so no, this won’t be the end.  However, it’s definitely time to pull out the trainer and dust it off. It’s just a matter of time now.

Today, it’s swim meets all day long until we head out to dinner in Fenton at my new favorite BBQ Restaurant to celebrate my 23rd Anniversary, my youngest’s report card and my oldest’s 3.93.

Ah, life is good.  It sure as hell ain’t easy, but it is good.


  1. ekels22 says:

    We didn’t get much snow south of Detroit. I’m going to drag out the mountain bike and hit some trails on Grosse Ile this morning. Enjoy ur weekend happy Anniversary.

  2. bonnev659 says:

    there is 1 shop over here, all he does is older bikes and restores them.. and his inventory of old parts is amazing, want me to give him a call to see if he has any in stock? if so let me know the part name and model number or whatever and the guy will look for me

  3. Kecia says:

    We got 10 inches of snow here. We went from mowing 5 days ago to shoveling fools last night since the temperature this afternoon is only to be 5F 😦

  4. We’re getting the same thing on the west side of the Lake. My best mountain biking friend, Jon, sent me a text earlier in the week, realizing that it’s going to be a bit before the trails are dry enough to ride again. We are crossing our fingers that this melts off and the mud freezes. Happy anniversary and get some fat on your bones. I intend to make over to your side and bring some precious titanium with me next year, so you need to be slower next year!

  5. Dan says:

    If that’s your “smokin’ hot wife” that’s hilarious!!! I’m sure she’s very appreciative of that last shot! As far as the weather goes, Bri would love it. I don’t trust that girl! 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      That’s my daughter… She took a bunch of selfies on my phone… My posting two of them is payback.

      As far as Bri goes, well I’ll just leave it at, “she’s something alright”. She’s mega tough… Or nuts.

      • Dan says:

        I vote for the later!!

      • bribikes says:

        It’s the opposite here, the closer we get to the impending snow storm the less snow is being predicted. Are you stealing our snow, Jim?

        Haha, I don’t think I am tough or nuts. I just have always loved winter (my dad loves winter and cold weather too, so maybe it’s genetic) and when I figured out last year that I could actually bike in winter-that just made it 10,000 times better! Everybody has a favorite season and there are only four of them to choose from, I can’t be too weird for liking winter! But if you wanna call me nuts, I am okay with that. After all, I was the one who put the word “crazy” in my blog title 😉 Someday winter biking will be the norm and people will think you guys are crazy for biking in the “awful heat”. It’s gonna happen, you better be ready! *evil laughter*

      • bgddyjim says:

        Bri, you gotta know the context behind when we say you’re nuts… imagine us as close cycling buddies who enjoy your company. We give you a ribbing about being nuts because we think you’re cool but we really don’t know how to express that without it sounding “dirty old man-ish”… So you’re nuts. Don’t sweat it. Too much. 😉

        Oh, and yes we did. Worst snow storm I can ever remember before December 15th… We got hammered. It is absolutely beautiful though.

      • bribikes says:

        Oh, no worries, I think the world of you and Dan. But I thought it was hilarious to find you guys talking “smack” about me in the comment section, right where I could find it. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let on that you had been caught and tease you about it, but I think it came across as more defensive than I meant for it to be. That’s my bad!

        I don’t know if we are gonna end up with any snow at all here. You took it all 🙂

      • bgddyjim says:

        Sorry sister… We got hammered last night. Had the girls at their swim meet till 5:15… The normal 40 minute drive home took two hours and some change. Thank God for All Wheel Drive and Traction Control.

      • bonnev659 says:

        Bri is awesome, if I have the funds for a winter commuter i would do that or a job where I know i can keep my bike safe while working too

        and payback is fun…

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