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25 Slow, Chilly, Wet, Windy Awesome Miles…


November 2015

Wind is an ugly thing.  Sometimes.

For most, the wind brings out that inner whiny brat that screams, “But I don’t wanna! ”  The wind does that to my wife, God Bless her.

It used to me but after 25,000 miles, the wind now elicits a wry grin from me.  The wind, she’s a real bitch so as I’m clipping into my pedals, I’m thinking some exceptionally impure thoughts about what I’m about to put her through.  Oh, she’ll smack me around a bit, there’s no doubt…  But I’m gonna win.  I will ride that ride with a smile on my face.

It was ugly.  A minimal chance of rain (15%), but the sky was plain old ugly.  Wind out of the north at 15 to 25 mph, give or take, but only on the high end.  That said, at 58 degrees, the temp wasn’t all that bad. 

Arm warmers, knee warmers, my Hammers kit, a head sweats cap and my new Sugoi Zap rain jacket (oh, now that’s a rain jacket, but that’s for another post, another day) and I was perfectly comfy.  Perfectly matched for the crappy weather.  It was bad enough I took the Trek and my wife took her Secteur. 

Mrs. Bgddy and I rolled out with a goal of 25 miles.  I took the first three miles into the wind and my wife took the next two with a cross tailwind – she’s a funny one my wife.  Let her pull and she’s two or three miles an hour faster than what she’ll do with a train in front of her.  The next – hang on, let me count them – fifteen and a half miles were mine. 

We were cruising into this little town about nine miles in, I had my head down and shoulders up so I could block more wind for my wife and here she comes, cruising by.  I was dumbstruck for a second before I saw the Gaines Township sign…  That turkey was racing me for a Township sign!  I mashed on my pedals and caught her, but she swears she edged me out.  We’d have to go to the tape on it so I reluctantly gave it to her.

What she didn’t know was that there was a second sign (still doesn’t) an eighth of a mile up.  I took that one, it wasn’t close.  Mrs. Bgddy caught me napping at another one a mile later, when she asked to check out a road we’d never ridden before.  I was three feet shy of the back of the sign when I turned around because the pavement ended and the road turned to dirt.  Crap.

It had started sprinkling a little bit, certainly enough to notice, but I stayed high and dry in my quintessentially perfect rain jacket. As the rain picked up and wind intensified, I got faster. Unfortunately my wife had the opposite reaction. I ended up pulling away from her whenever I tried to drop my shoulders and cheat the wind a little bit. I picked up another Township sign along the way.

We lumbered along till we finally hit mile 15 and had a bit of a break from the wind. We turned west and had a bit of
a cross tailwind. I accelerated. My wife didn’t. So I took our City Limits sign too.

It was sprinkling again when we rolled into the bike shop parking lot and went in to say hello. After talking to the fellas a bit and teasing my wife about the new Madone 9.9 I’ll be getting sooner than later, we split for home. We spent just enough time in the shop to freeze once we stepped outside. Crap.

A little more than five miles later we rolled into the driveway.

Sometimes they ain’t pretty, you just have to put your head down and get it done but it sure beats gettin’ fat.

This post was written earlier, maybe late October… We are taking the mountain bikes out today… No wind, for once, but I’ll need all of my cold weather gear… 20 degrees this morning (-4C).


  1. bonnev659 says:

    wind can be amazing for improving speed both in tail and head winds. mostly head winds as it makes you push more watts to get the speed you aiming for. but high gust of cross winds always make use more caution. happy riding, I think yesterday was my last outdoor ride on my road bike for the season

  2. Tifness says:

    awesome! glad you braved through the winds and cold! that takes alot of determination! good stuff. i’m a fitness blogger on here too! xx

  3. Forecast 30 to 60 mph WSW wind tomorrow. Should make for an interesting 40 or so miles (headwind on the homeward stretch too, unavoidable as I’ve got to stop off at work). May just leave the deep section wheels at home!

  4. You make cont sounds so fun. Is never Ben my sport but who knows??

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