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Cycling, Bonus Winter Miles, Hydrus Performance Drink Concentrate and El Presidente…

I finally got a decent weekend ride in, outside, on Sunday.  Fortunately, the wind was strong enough to blow the fog that had been present since 3 am, out.  Unfortunately, the wind was strong enough to blow the fog out…  That first 20 miles, it was tough holding a 19 mph pace into it for more than a mile up front.  I took my buddy Chuck’s cue and kept it around 18 and it was a little more reasonable.  We had Dave and his wife with us so there was certainly no watching the paint dry though (Dave is one of the racers in our group, though he’s much more reasonable now that all of the racing is done).  It was an awesome ride, once the sun came up fully.  The temp went from a “feels like” 26 to almost 40 within an hour and riding became much more enjoyable.  I tried something new, clothing-wise, that ended up working quite well.  Rather than wearing my cycling jacket, I went with a light base layer (32 Degrees Heat), a light long-sleeved jersey and my Thermal long-sleeve with a windbreaker vest over the top…  It was perfect.  I wasn’t too warm or too cold at any point during the ride, except that first mile.  We’re well into bonus miles now and all is good.  It’s a rare year that we can ride the good bikes in December (thanks El Nino) but I have a funny feeling we’ll be making up for this next year as that’s usually how it works around here.

I tried a new electrolyte replacement drink, too.  Hydrus Performance Beverage Concentrate.  It comes in an 8 oz bottle and a teaspoon of the stuff is good, they say, for 8 ounces of water.  Using their chart, I added 3 teaspoons for each of my 26 oz water bottles but that was a little tangy (2 tsp is much better).  The trick is, the stuff is mega expensive.  That 8 oz. bottle goes for $24.  Doing the math, it works out to a buck a bottle if you follow their recommendations.  I can stomach $0.66 per serving a little better.  That said, the stuff is quite excellent.  It pleased my palate so much that I actually looked forward to taking a swig.  Considering, also, that I’ve mildly cramped up on every ride I’ve been on below 35 degrees – not enough to get me to slow down, just enough to feel it – I was amazed that I still felt excellent after that 42 miles.  I could have gone farther quite easily, and that’s a rarity during Bonus Miles Season.  We’ve got about six bottles so I’m going to use up the one I opened and save the rest for next year…  I’m quite interested to see how the stuff works in the heat.  This is from their website:

Hydrus’ NanosomeTM Technology is a significantly more effective carrier of electrolytes to the bloodstream and distributing it throughout the body than market leading products that still rely on sugar. Hydrus is Sugar Free.

That’s right folks, no sugar, no calories.  The “sweet” is stevia leaf extract.  In any event, it’s decent stuff – anything that makes me look forward to taking a swig is a good thing.**

Finally, I was approached at our cycling club’s annual banquet by a few members and asked to be president of the club.  I’ll guarantee that’ll make some of the regular readers of this blog shudder because, being who I am, I’m not big on imposing my will on anyone other than those I pay directly…  That’d be a joke, if you missed it or took that statement seriously.  Truth is, I really don’t do well with politics because I generally don’t have patience for bullshit and egos – and once you realize that 51% of politics is ego and the other 49 is bullshit, well it’s all downhill from there.

My main problem, and it is a problem, is my inability to refrain from calling s#!+ as I see it, or when it really gets deep, laughing at people who take themselves too seriously.  On the other hand, when it actually comes to the club, faster cyclists are vastly underrepresented so maybe I can actually add something.  That will be the goal, of course.  If I’m looking for what I can get out of this, I’m certain I’ll be deeply disappointed…  I heard the pay sucks.

**UPDATE:  As far as Hydrus goes, it’s very important to understand a few things.  First, it has no calories so you don’t get free, easy calories from this while you’re cycling.  Hydrus is only for electrolyte replacement.  For the longer rides, maybe 50+ miles, I will only go with Hammer Perpetuem in on bottle and maybe Hydrus in the other so I get the energy I need, easily.  It’s very important to take this into account when planning hydration for a long ride.  It’s great stuff but it’s for a specific purpose.