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My Cure For: Anger, Depression, Being Overweight, Writer’s Block, Politics, Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in General… and Chicken Legs.

I had a meeting this morning and I did some good.  I helped people and it was good.  I came home and gave my wife a kiss and sat down to write a post while my wife got ready for a finance meeting (she’s the chairman of the board for a major treatment center).  I’ve got politics on the brain and with that usually comes a fair bit of angst.  I hate what has become a 24/7/365 political campaign.  One thing Canada does get right, or hey, the UK for that matter, is their political season.  From the reports I’ve read, it lasts a few months.  We’re going on a year and we still have 11 months to go.  It’s flippin’ ridiculous – but it does benefit the politicians.  With everyone angry, it’s easier to take more power and siphon away our freedom.  You’d never want to let a crisis go to waste, right Rahm?  Hey, how’s that going for you by the way?  I digress…

I was stumped.  Politics is great, but it’s mostly bullshit and deception.  And no matter what you believe, you’re probably going to piss at least 40% of the population off…  Unless you don’t really say anything, just regurgitate a bunch of pap.

Then my buddy Mike called.  He wanted to ride and with my wife indisposed (and me working from home today, with a fairly easy schedule), all it took was a look outside at the sunshine.  He and I would be joined by Diane but I had to get ready pretty quick.

I was ready and out the door with two minutes to spare.  It was sunny but fairly windy.  I like sunny, windy not so much.  And, as if I’d won two-thirds of the lotto, it wasn’t freezing.  Not even close actually.  It was, dare I say, nice.  I rolled out, heading toward Mike’s house to meet them.  Spinning an extra easy 18 mph with the wind at my back and to the right I had a smile on my face.  Half a mile down the road I saw Mike, by himself.  Turned out Diane had something come up for work and had to skip the ride.  It was just Mike and I.  I turned around when traffic clear and took up a spot behind him and to the right.  Within 30 feet I knew the first half of the ride was going to be ugly.  On the other hand, and I am so absolutely grateful for this, my buddy Mike are on exactly the same page:  “Dude, who cares?  It’s December 11th and we’re riding outside, on the good bikes.  Who cares if we’re not 20 mph into a ridiculous headwind?”  We kept it between 15 and 16, just spinning easy and catching up on the going’s on of our small cycling world.  New pedals and cleats, new bibs and bikes…  You know, all of that earthly stuff that makes work worth the effort.

We pushed on, having a grand old time cruising into the unrelenting wind.  Not too warm, not too cold.  Just a couple of guys rolling down the road with no cares in the world other than that huge s#!+ hauler coming towards us in the other lane…  The one that almost blew us off the other side of the road (honest to God, I got hit with such a wall of wind it actually took my breath away – we dropped 3 mph instantly).  We were a little more than twelve miles out when we decided to turn around.  We went from 15 mph to 22, with less effort.

The hard work done, it was time for the good part.

We blew down the road, a construction crew looked up and waved as we rolled past them at 24 mph.  The rest of the ride was a wonderful blur of easy speed and awesomeness.  It was slow, only a 17 mph average when we were done, but it was good.  All of a sudden, everything is back in perspective and I’m okay with it.


The cure for everything that sucks.  Including chicken legs.