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The cure for everything that sucks.  Including chicken legs. An Addendum

Yesterday’s 24 mile ride was just shy of exactly what the doctor ordered…  Well, if a doctor had ordered a bike ride, anyway.  Actually, Dra. Martha Castro would have ordered that, without doubt.  I can call that good.

That said, by the time we hit the home stretch, with a glorious tailwind, I was absolutely bummed that we were done.  24 miles is sweet, don’t get me wrong, but even in December, I like a bit longer.

Mrs. Bgddy got home from her board meeting shortly after 1 and asked if I wanted to ride.  Perfect!


I opted for the Trek over the Venge.  After all, I really do like riding that bike and surely wouldn’t be too big a disadvantage, riding with my wife…

She kicked my ass in a few sections of that ride.  We ended up pulling in almost a half-mile an hour faster than my ride with Mike just five hours earlier, and on the Trek.

Now a bit of commentary. It is often said that it’s all about the engine, that the bike isn’t all that important. This sounds awesome and tough but it is absolutely not true. This isn’t to say one can’t make up the difference with a little more want to but I was darn near hurling on my top tube trying to keep up with my wife, while my earlier ride on the Venge was easy and fun.

First, the frame isn’t all that big a deal. The wheels on the other hand, an entirely different story. Components aren’t all that big a deal, but they’re not nothing either.

Now, fair enough, it was my second ride of the day so I may have been a little tired but facts is facts folks, my wife was on her good bike and I was on my rain bike and I had stretches where I had no choice but take her draft to keep up…

On another note, I won’t lie. It was kinda sexy struggling a little bit to keep up. My wife is getting good, whether she knows it or not.

It was 40 miles for the day. And that was even better.

Today, it’s sloppy outside so we’re on the mountain bikes.


Pick your medicine, they all work the same. Some just work faster than others depending on personal preference. If, however, you find two-wheeled medication doesn’t suit you, rinse and repeat until such a time as it does. It’s you, not the bike.

It also might help to think more like a kid and less like an old stick in the mud. Thinking younger won’t hurt you. I promise.