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New Study Shows Eating Lettuce is Three TIMES Worse for the Environment than Eating Bacon.


December 2015

As often happens with the hippification of science, a new way of looking at the actual impact on the environment, per calorie, claims a vegetarian diet is worse for the environment than chicken or pork.

This new information is bound to ruffle the feathers of many flat-earth foodies, which makes it all the more enjoyable for me to share with you.

I once belonged to a Unitarian Church that was ministered by a fine pastor.  He remarried my wife and I in an amazingly beautiful and short ceremony.  Shortly after his retirement we (I was on the board, so when I say “we”, I mean we) brought in a new minister from California who had familial ties to some of the elders in the congregation.

She transformed the church from a God-centric place of worship to a church of Liberal orthodoxy.  The topic of her first Father’s Day sermon centered on, and I’m not joking here, how fathers should refrain from physically beating their children.  It was a downhill spiral to a crash and burn from there.

The minister booted my wife, who had devoted her church time to the children’s Sunday school and brought in a new woman to minister to our children.  The way this was done absolutely broke my wife’s heart.  The new children’s church minister had pink, green and blue hair, wore low cut tank shirts that highlighted the tattoos adorning her breasts and to top that, she was a dolt.  Of course, I was some form of bigot for protesting.

One of the final sermons I listened to before leaving the church centered on the environment and how we should do well to build a compost pile in our back yard.  Ah, the joys of letting stuff decompose in our back yard.  I digress… 

Somehow the compost pile became a cause du jour for the environmental hippies and is thought of as “better” for the environment that sending the refuse to a landfill.  The reality of that nonsense is really quite humorous.  See, landfills burn the methane given off during decomposition, often to produce electricity.  We all know methane is known to be a greenhouse gas, and burning methane is about 90% better for the environment than allowing it to escape.  So how could building one’s own personal methane factory in their back yard be good for the environment?

Simply put, it isn’t.  The environmental movement has little to do with rational thought though.  It’s more about feel.

It appears to be vegetarianism and it’s angry sister, veganism may fall under the same umbrella.  I can assure you, my friends, this will be a topic I study with great joy in my heart.

Please pass the bacon, for the environment.


  1. Mark says:

    The article came up in my Google stream on my work Android phone. Did not make a lick of sense to me but then I do not think I was reading it that way. Too bad that happened in church. I have heard that many local churches bend the biblical teachings to the popular like preaching there is no hell and we are all going to be alright if we are mostly good people. They should stop calling themselves churches and become social clubs. OK you can have your soapbox back.

  2. Andy says:

    I use my compost pile to help build up the soil in my garden. It’s not a political statement though I do believe composting is better than sending the stuff to our local incinerator.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Technically, it’s not but I’m okay with whatever you want to do. Where I take issue is when people think, based on ideology alone, that they’re doing good for the environment when they’re not. You’re doing good for the soil, to produce more and better produce for your family. There is no nobler cause.

  3. Dan says:

    I think we should be looking at methane as a source for all sorts of power since there is an unlimited supply of the stuff at every sewage treatment plant. The problem is that it’s highly corrosive so it’s difficult to make equipment that lasts. Fun post!

  4. MJ Ray says:

    Anyone else notice the analysis includes “processing and transporting food, food sales and service, and household storage and use” and wondered if it’s dominated by the choices of Walmart and co, who aren’t famous for sensible practices about greengrocery? You know, they order tomatoes by colour and diameter, courgettes by straightness and so on. Like they say, if it’s in a supermarket, it’s probably not fresh. It amazes me how many people drive past local farm shops to go buy staler equivalents from the retail park, but that’s the madness we have now.

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