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A Star Wars Weekend….


December 2015

I can still remember seeing Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV) for the first time when it came out.  It was, without a doubt, the most amazing motion picture my young eyes had ever seen.  My mom and Aunt Ann took my brothers and I.  I was seven years-old.

Here we are, I’m 38 years older and I can’t wait till the crowds thin enough to see the new Force Awakens

I owned the original three on VHS tapes.  Then I bought the newly remastered edition on VHS (and saw the movies in the theater as they were released).  Finally, I bought the remastered DVD box set when they came out.  Then I bought the next three as they came out – the Special Edition wide-screen versions.

Then, after we bought the home we live in now, I picked up a Bose 5.1 Surround Sound system so I could get the most out of my viewing experience.  More than ten years old, it’s still pure movie watching perfection.  The bass is sick and turning the sound up to just 50% on the race scene in A Phantom Menace shakes the house.

I can still remember forcing myself to dream about Star Wars when I was a kid, placing myself in the action…

In preparation for seeing the new movie, I’ve dug out the last six movies to watch them yet again…  If it is possible to wear out a DVD just by watching it, I’ll surely know.  I’ve seen the original in excess of 40 times over the years, more than that for The Empire Strikes Back (add two more to the total just this week) and the rest I’ve seen dozens of times each.

I came home early from the office, the last two days.  It appears my daughter picked up some form of Ebola from school and managed to pass the gift on.  This has presented an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the Star Wars game for the eventual day when we see the new one on the biggest screen in the county.

So, taking the cue from a friend who produced a similar post, I thought I’d quickly jot down my ranking for the first six:

6.  Return of the Jedi:  Too corny. (VI)

5.  The Phantom Menace:  Other than wanting to dissect Jar-Jar Binks with a lightsaber, I loved this one (especially on the home theater) (I)

4.  The Attack of the Clones (II)

3.  The Revenge of the Sith (III):  The only part I can’t stand in this movie is when Obi Wan, talking to Padme, says “Younglings”.  Should have done that take one more time, George.

2.  A New Hope (IV):  I have a tough time not putting this one in third, but it was an enormous part of my childhood so I’ve gotta give it its due.

1.  The Empire Strikes Back (V)



  1. Dan says:

    I saw the original when in college. My 31 yr old daughter just saw the new one Friday night and said it would be great in Imax. And she’s not normally a fan of that. She just said it might be worth seeing in 3D and just stated she may go back in tonight for the late show! All from your post!!

  2. Kecia says:

    I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies and don’t really have any desire to 😉

  3. Sheree says:

    Never seen any of the Star Wars movies!

  4. I agree with your list. I always call that scene in Return the teddy bear battle. Hate Jar-Jar only a little more than the Ewoks. Did you watch the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network? I think it’s on Netflix now.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nah, I never bothered with the caroons. I don’t watch much TV anymore – I just run out of time or would rather a movie or something on the science channel.

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