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A Christmas Epiphany

Merry Christmas my friends!!!

I was thanking Jesus and God for the awesomeness has become my life.  Then I asked for the strength to do good and the next right thing at any given moment…  Then I asked for Peace.  Not peace in my life, big Peace.  Democrats and Republicans Peace.

And that’s when it hit me….

Praying for peace is a lot like like praying for patience. 

For those who have no idea what that last sentence meant or missed what I was getting at, you don’t ever pray for patience.  God doesn’t grant anyone patience, He grants the opportunity to practice it.

That’s not all bad if you’re a glutton for punishment, get it?

I realized that Peace is a lot like patience.  This has always bugged me about praying for peace… it’s like a shortcut.  It’s trying to get something for nothing.

Allow me to explain.  Peace requires the participation of a minimum of two parties.  I can want peace and I can pray for it till I’m blue in the face but if you don’t want it, there most certainly will not be peace. 

This reality doesn’t rule out the fact that God is everything or God is nothing and a change of heart is possible but free will is a bitch.

However, and this is what I’m really getting at here, what if praying for peace was exactly like praying for patience?  What of God gives us the opportunity to practice it rather than granting it straight up?

What must I do to practice peace?  I must accept someone else’s point of view, even if that point of view is based on faulty information.  Better still, and far more important to peace, if I want it, I have to be willing to work on the splinter in my eye rather than the splinter in yours.  The best I can do is hope you work on yours.  This is where it gets tricky though… I also have to be willing to let you be you, no matter how weird I may think that is. And therein lies the rub.

The point of this post is simple:  Praying for Peace is great.  Better is to pray for the strength to practice what will bring it about.

Ride hard my friends.  I know I will, in about 2-1/2 hours.  WOOHOO!

Merry Christmas!