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Dude, They’re Making The Dark Tower into a MOVIE!

Books to films in 2016 –

Sophie’s Web… check it out.

My life just got infinitely better. The Dark Tower is the first in a series by Steven King. The Gunslinger lives!

But barely. Gotta watch the infection, bro.

2015 In Pictures… My Favorites In No Particular Order.

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President Obama’s Gun Control Usurpation of Power… Fear Not My Friends!

Trigger warning (heh):  This is a political post from the Conservative, reasonable perspective.  If you’re a rabid lefty, don’t read any further.  It’ll just piss you off because you need to follow the President’s advice and listen to Rush Limbaugh more often.  Writing ridiculous comments in an attempt insult or impress me with your mastery of DCCC talking points will not change my mind and if I don’t feel like bitch-slapping you with wit, I’ll just delete your dimwitted comment without a second thought.  This is the conclusion of this trigger (heh) warning… BEEEEEEEEEEEP.

I just realized something this morning… As the President announced yesterday that he was going to try to go around Congress and create some new rules that define who is a gun dealer with the hope that more people will have to register as firearms dealers to sell their pistol… First, see, they’re rules, not laws, because the President can’t make laws. Only Congress can. But I digress.

My friends, fear not.  We haven’t even had a chance to see what he’s trying to do but I know we won’t have to worry, not even a little bit.

Look at it this way, Iran got a bunch of rules they had to live by from the same guy in exchange for a shit-ton of money.  They’re ignoring every one of them and still getting paid… and they shot off missiles!

I’m sure our President will be just as passive with us.

Just duck and cover when the DHS knocks on your door.  Funny that.

Terrorist sponsoring regimes?  “Hey, we gotta give ’em a break ’cause how we treated them in the past is just not who we are”.

Import immigrant terrorists from Syria?  “Hey, we gotta do it!  We can’t stop them from coming here, ’cause that’s not who we are!  Besides, we have background checks for these people who have no background.  Trust us, we’re from the government and we are here to tell you who you are (and make damn sure you get the message)”

Law abiding citizen wants to buy a pistol, just like his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather before him?  “NUKE ‘EM!  That may be who we are but, um… I just don’t like who we are.  Bitter clingers.  Besides, our background checks don’t work!”

Now I must take my leave and cling to my Smith & Wesson M&P 9(s) the second of which I didn’t have a background check for (!)*.  Speaking of, since President Obama was elected S&W stock is up something like 900%.  Keep talkin’ sparky.  I may be able to retire early at this rate.

Finally, all you need to know about gun control:


*Technically I did have a background check for the second one but I was for the background check before I was against it… it’s a long story.

** The chart above is the Homicide rate in the US, in “Homicides per 100,000”, the figure for 2012 is slightly over 4 per 100,000.