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From GCN – How to Lose Weight on a Bicycle… and a Bonus: The Top Nine Bike Maintenance Mistakes

This, from GCN, is just about all you need to know about losing weight on a bike…  This stuff works.  Of course, I didn’t actually follow the video’s advice, I just went at it on my own and came to my own conclusions.  Let’s just say I got lucky.

I can’t agree more with the suggestion for intense workouts.  While there is science to back up the notion of a “fat burning zone” that is easy as intensity goes, you’ve gotta train for hours on end to get any benefit from it.  Most of us working stiffs don’t have time for that so high intensity for a shorter period works better to drop the poundage.  The worst thing you can do, other than polishing the couch with your butt, is to head out for an easy half hour jaunt around your block at a leisurely pace and think you’re burning a bunch of calories.  You’re not, it’s just better than nothing.

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, remember this:  It’s easy to stick with something you love doing.  Start there, pick a good intensity for you, and go to work… or play, whichever sounds better to you.