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I Am Jim’s Venge… and I Am Awesome


I am Jim’s bike.  Technically my name is Neo but I am commonly referred to as The Venge. 


Ready to hit the road...

I am the end result of a hundred-fifty odd years of mechanical evolution.  I am built for one purpose and one purpose only, to get Jim down the road as fast as his legs will take us.  I am light, fast, and stiff.  I am awesome, not to put too fine a point on it.

Jim and I have an excellent relationship.  He keeps me clean and expertly maintained and I take him where he wants to go, how he likes to get there.  We work well and have seen beautiful sights together, even though he’s usually sweating all over me in the process.


I am, in horse parlance, a thoroughbred.  I come from a racing lineage steeped in tradition and I found an excellent home.

I am proud to have Jim as my owner.  He’s not the fastest guy by any means but he’s got heart and a lot of “give a $#!+” for the sport, the fellas he rolls with and me, and that’s about all a bike could ask for.


Sadly, my arch nemesis, Agent Smith has been getting most of the attention lately as the weather has either been incredibly cold, wet or both.


Agent Smith, in Aluminum

So imagine my surprise yesterday morning when Jim rolled me out of the bedroom and aired up my tires! And here I thought I was done till spring!

Well folks, let me tell you, I knew what time it was. If he’s picking me for a ride this late in the season, it’s time to show him what fast really is.

We rolled out with his wife and her Alias in the lead and once she dropped back [the adult adds: “After a two mile pull… Nice!] we took our turn. The computer showed 20 mph, then 21 and 22 before Jim dialed us back to keep from running his wife into the ground but God did it feel good to be outside!

We took three miles at the front before falling back… two more miles and we headed south. That’d be when the wind hit us in the nose. Me first, then the big dog.

We ended up with 29 miles and made it back just as the sleet started (and turned to a light rain ten minutes later).

Simply stated, it was a good day to be a race bike.




  1. Gotta say… I’ve read a lot of blogs in the perspective of cats, dogs, other random pets. It’s not every day you read one from a bike’s point of view. Pretty cool. I like what you’re doing here, Jim.

  2. bribikes says:

    Hey Neo! Gotta say it is good to finally hear your side of the story, did you hack into Jim’s account or are you doing this with permission? Cause if you did go the hacking route, please don’t teach my bikes your tricks.

    Stay fast, you sleek beast!

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Love the bike speaking in first person. Really enjoyed the post Jim.

  4. Manu Stanley says:

    Venge should sometimes have a mind of his own!

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