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Two Days, Fifty Miles, Outdoors, in JANUARY!?


It’s January 10th.  I have more outdoor miles in as of this morning than any entire winter since I started cycling almost five years ago now.

We rolled out on the road bikes Friday but rain dampened roads wrecked our chances for two days in a row… on the road bikes. 

We were waiting on the corner, bright and early for my buddy Mike to roll over the horizon yesterday.  The roads were wet, it was misting lightly and my wife and I were on our mountain bikes.

Mike, Diane and Adam (on their mtb tandem) rolled crested the hill a half-mile from our street as we were turning circles at the end of the road.

We’d decided to keep it to the paved roads to avoid a mud bath on the dirt roads.  Even so, we were dripping wet within three miles.  The pace was, to put it kindly, was lively – between 16 and 17 mph, into a minimal but noticeable breeze. 

Two miles in we picked up our friends Brad and Phill.  After five miles I could tell my wife was struggling with the pace so we backed it down a bit.  We headed west to the next major town, looped around and headed home.


I dropped back to take a photo, then shot up to the front for another…


Good times and noodle salad, man.  We finished up with just over 21 miles, damp but smiling. 

Fifty miles in two days, in January.  Alas, our days are numbered.  The temp drops next week and I’m hearing that by the end of the week we could be measuring the snowfall in feet rather than inches.  If it’s at all possible, we’ll be hitting the road in a little bit… 

UPDATE: Hmmmmm, not lookin’ good. Few inches of snow, 30 mph winds. I think this is going to be a trainer day.



  1. Dan says:

    I’m tied for my fewest! Today is a day to stay inside. The current temp is -7.

  2. ekels22 says:

    It was nice south of Detroit yesterday got in 55 miles on the road bike. 28mm tires came in handy crossed some areas with a lot of debris and went around some “closed for the season gates” in the Metro Parks. Weather today equals indoor training windy and snowing.

    • bgddyjim says:

      55!? That’s awesome man… We’re up maybe 45 miles north of you and it was pretty gnarly up here (too wet). That storm going on today, is worse the farther north you go. My mother-in-law, up in Clare already has 6 inches. Try to enjoy that trainer time.

  3. bonnev659 says:

    very nice! I am happy for you.. it is still a lot of ice here or I would be out to explore my new area. at least i still got 3 more sufferfest videos i never done (counting 1 they redone last spring)

  4. Crazy warm for January (about to change here though). I’ve already clocked over 300 miles on the road…

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nice! With my kids swimming full time now my season was done two months ago. Still, getting plenty of miles on the weekends, though we’re about done too. Got three inches this morning with more on the way.

  5. Sheree says:

    Enjoy the snow!

  6. The day looked bleak but you all looked determined.

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