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Ah, The Countdown Begins to My Biggest Mechanic’s Post Yet…


For those who weren’t aware, my 5200 is in for a new wardrobe.  It used to look like this:



Yesterday evening it looks like this:


Now, if you thought, “Geez, that’s a real bummer, why didn’t he keep the original color?”  You’re not alone.  Several of my friends expressed a little bit of let down when I told them I was having it painted black.

Well, there are a few key reasons.  First, the Trek is technically my rain bike – the bike I take out when nasty weather is expected.  I like the bike, don’t get me wrong, but the Venge it ain’t.  Having the bike repainted the same color requires an extra paint step and would have added another $75 – $100 to an already $410 paint job (not including my new Chris King Headset, add another $100)… in other words, I’ve got more than a few bucks going into this dealio.  I have to keep it reasonable.

Finally, and this is the important part, let’s see if you can pick up on a theme here…

My “A” Road Bike:


My “A” Mountain Bike:


Can you guess the color of the decals on the Trek?  If you guessed red, you’re right.

When this little adventure is done, the three bikes that I ride most often (7,513 of 7,533 miles last year) will be red on black.

Now, some of you may rightly charge, “Hey, put some color into it!  Why not at the very least go black on red for the Trek?”

Well, you would have an excellent point and I honestly thought about going that way but in the end it just seemed too cool to match the three main bikes in my stable so that’s the way I went.

So what does this have to do with my biggest mechanic’s post to date?  Well, I took the whole thing apart so, with the exception of the headset and bottom bracket (both of which require special tools that I don’t have and won’t buy), I’ve gotta put the whole thing back together.  Stem to stern.  Literally.

Stay tuned, the shop still has to get a hold of the decals and head badge before I can get it back.



  1. bribikes says:

    Cool beans, can’t wait to see it with the red decals 🙂

  2. sweet, always a good choice with a chris king headset

  3. Geez, that’s a real bummer, you should have kept the original color… 😉 This is a good post though, reminds me I need to sort out my old road bike and get it stripped/repainted.

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