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A Full, Busy, Wonderful Week…


I managed 45 minutes each day on the trainer since Monday.  45 minutes is about the limit of my patience for that Godforsaken machine.  What I lack in time, I make up for in difficulty though.  I stayed in the hardest gear the whole time and I could feel the effort all week.

Today and this weekend should be the perfect capper.  We’ll be riding outside today, at least I think we will, around lunch time.  We’ll also be outside tomorrow, with temperatures just barely below freezing, more than warm enough for outdoor cycling.  I’m going to push for mountain bikes though because, to be truthful, there’s no way I’m riding my Venge on the salt-covered roads so I’m stuck with either the Cannondale because the Trek isn’t done yet (still waiting on the decals to go on before the shop can clear-coat it).

Then, on Sunday, my wife and I are going to go to have our first booth at a local swap meet to sell our tee-shirts.  Unfortunately we’ll have to try to figure out how to get a ride in as the temp will be decidedly above freezing…  After this past week, with temps hovering around -15 F (-26 C) with the wind chill, 39 (4 C) is going to feel like shorts weather.

It should be a fantastic weekend.



  1. Bike Lodging says:

    Sounds like fun. Its decidedly chilly here in the Alps

  2. bribikes says:

    I hope the tee shirt selling goes well for you two, that is really exciting!

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