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Update on the 5200… Almost Home


My wife and I went out for a ride with my buddy Mike, Diane and Adam for an easy 20 mile mountain bike ride at lunch time.  It was cold, to say the least, only a few degrees above my basement of 19 degrees (F).  I had four layers on and I was, well comfortable may be too kind a word, let’s go with not freezing.

We cranked out the miles and it was good.  We also made plans for tomorrow… The hot shower was better.

After a quick bite to eat, we went over to our screen printer’s house to pick up some new shirts we had made up for the swap meet on Sunday.

Then we stopped by the bike shop just to say hi… and found out my decals for the Trek are in.  They’re the perfect shade of red.  Now all that’s left is to scuff it up, apply the decals and spray on the clear-coat and I’ll be putting it back together.

The plans are for the bike to be completely blacked out.  Cages, housings, handlebar, even the King steering assembly is black.  The components are aluminum, and will stay that way until they’re fully worn out and need to be replaced.  The only red on the bike will be the TREK down tube logos and it’ll have a Made in the USA Flag on the seat tube. 

I’ll have my wife or one of my daughters take photos during the rebuild for a post… or three.  I toyed with the idea of doing a video to post to YouTube but truthfully, I only know about 3/4’s of what I’m doing.  That video might get a little long.  That said, it won’t be long now, and it can’t come too soon.  That Cannondale is even uncomfortable on a trainer for God’s sake!


  1. bonnev659 says:

    can not wait to see it

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